Thursday, March 1, 2012

What is Following?

Tired of checking our blog only to discover that the same old post is still sitting there? Well, here’s a quick and easy lesson on how to see if anything new has happened since your last visit.

I follow a lot of Bloggers, probably about 50 or so. They don’t post everyday nor do I check or read their blog everyday. But I can see if they have any new posts and then choose to read them when I have the time.

Look for the red arrows  . . .

One of the simplest ways is to become a follower:

(Bloggers love followers!)

Fullscreen capture 312012 10318 PM.bmp

You may be required to open a Google Account (which is very simple) or you choose to follow ‘anonymously’.

Or you can choose to follow by email:

Fullscreen capture 312012 125341 PM.bmp


Since my inbox would fill up pretty quickly, this method works for me:

Fullscreen capture 312012 114734 AM.bmp

If you click on the orange icon on your screen a drop down menu will give you a couple of choices. I click on RSS (Really Simple Syndication).

The screen will change and in the upper left corner you should see something like this:

Fullscreen capture 312012 115429 AM.bmp

Click on ‘Subscribe to this feed’.

These instructions may vary, depending on what operating system you have but all I can tell you is that this is what I do and I’ve done it so often that it’s all very routine so I apologize if I’ve left something out.

You should come up with something like this:

Subscribe to this Feed 312012 122806 PM

Click on Subscribe.

Your feeds should show up on the left of your screen, however this will depend again on your individual computer settings.

Bing - Windows Internet Explorer 312012 122942 PM.bmp

The Bold Text indicates a new post on that particular blog. Then you can see who has posted and decide if and when you would like to read it.

Lastly, all bloggers love to receive comments. It lets us know that there is someone out there actually reading this.

This will show up on the bottom of each post and if you click on it you’ll be able to leave your (positive only) comments:

Fullscreen capture 312012 11956 PM.bmp

If you have chosen to ‘Follow Anonymously’ and wish to leave a comment, please leave your name in the message/comment box so that we know who you are.

We’re going to take this opportunity to send out a BIG THANK YOU to our current followers and to those of you that take the time to leave such wonderful comments and send your thoughtful emails. We sincerely appreciate YOU! Or if you have anything to add to this post please feel free to do so. Many of you bloggers have so much knowledge to share.

To any of our new readers please take some time to read “MY BLOG LIST” located on the bottom right side of the page. Just click on any of them and follow their travels and their wonderful writings.

How about starting your own blog? It’s a great way to journal, share your lives and even show off some of your photos.


  1. Great post. Of course I'm one of your regular followers already lol!! One thing I wish followers would do is to allow emails responses. I get a copy of all comments in my email. Sometimes I want to respond to a question or a comment and the sender email is set to "no reply". Maybe they don't want a reply but if they have asked a question it seems like they would!!

  2. Very well done. It's good to get into some of the basics that we sometimes take for granted. I was following almost 300 blogs, but decided that was way too many. Now it's down to around 200 give or take a few. I like to pick up new blogs from other bloggers sidebars. That way I get exposed to a lot of different points of view on things. There are a lot of interesting people out there doing some mighty interesting things, and a lot of very cool photos, too. Nice way to "people watch" from the comfort of my "morning easy chair." Thanks for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your input Donna. I will check mine but I know I receive lovely emails from you so I think its ok. Thank You for being such a loyal follower.

    Russ - how do you ever find the time and still continue to comment? I agree with you and love all of the interesting new things to learn. Thanks for following and commenting.

    You two are amazing and the blogging world would not be the same without you.

  4. Sorry didn't have time to comment last night. Did you know that in the Design mode of the blog when you set up blogs you follow there is three ways to list them. One = Alphabetically. Two = No particular order, which will list them in the order you add them. or Three = In Order of Latest Post which means that someone posting daily will be constantly going to the top of the list and the people that only post every week or month will slide down the list until their next post.

    I run our post with the last opinion otherwise I'd never be able to keep up.

    It's about time.

  5. Thanks Kathy, I did not know that. I subscribe to the blogs that I follow using my Feeds.

    The reading format is not the same as the full Blog experience but sometimes it is a faster download. In a lot of cases I click on the title for a better read or to comment.

    Thank You for following and commenting and for your input. All very much appreciated.