Tuesday, March 20, 2012

All the Right Stuff!

What a miserable day this started out to be. It was still dark when we left the house this morning and cold and raining. The traffic was horrific. Took us one hour and twenty minutes to travel 33 K’s – according to our GPS it should have only taken 26 minutes. Ah, well, I guess if that’s my only complaint for the day . . .
The Cowboy continues to countdown those treatments with no serious side effects yet.
We realize it’s still early but we’re pleased.
He still has a healthy appetite and hasn’t lost any weight.
His schedule still shows 22 more radiation and 4 more chemo treatments.
With all that talk about nutrition in our past blogs and what is that he’s eating?
This was Chemo night so it’s also treat night.

When we arrived here in Houston last month RV sites were pretty scarce due to the Rodeo. We stayed for a week at a nice (read: expensive) park which was about a half hour away from the MD Center. Then we moved north to a not-so-nice (read: cheap) park which was about the same distance from the Center but involved a lot of interstate travel. Hence, the horrific traffic.

Well, one of the best things about living in a home on wheels is that we can turn the key and move. So that’s what we did today between appointments. We had checked out LakeView RV Resort earlier, got on their waiting list and as luck would have it when our plan and God’s plan come together . . . Here we are! Photos to follow soon.

Travel time to MD tonight was about 20 minutes and only about 10 minutes on a major highway. Yay!

One of our appointments yesterday was with Project Prepare in The Behavior Research Clinic. It’s not mandatory but we volunteered to participate. We want to contribute everything we are capable of in order to help the MD Center continue to serve past, current and future patients.

Our Counseling Associate explained the reasons behind the project and presented us with a binder. One item of particular interest was a Prepare Contract for The Cowboy to sign. He committed himself to perform all of the exercises needed to assure his speedy recovery. I, not only witnessed the signing, but also witnessed the usefulness of such a contract. We arrived home and reviewed our day and the new binder. When he came to the contract he was reminded to carry out that commitment and proceeded to do his evening exercises.

The other item that really intrigued us was a weekly newsletter filled with testimonies and letters from previous and current cancer patients. The following letter from a Head  & Neck Cancer surgeon to his patients was included in that newsletter:
In every way cancer patients have what is known today as “all the right stuff”. You are a cross between a top level athlete, and explorer of unknown lands, an inventor, a psychiatrist, a soldier, and yes, even a mother or father. Cancer seems to bring out the strengths in a person just when their life seems to be falling apart (literally). It will always be a source of constant amazement to me just how intensely patients rise to the occasion when faced with such devastating prospects. I have yet to meet a quitter – ever! You folks are the gutsiest, most determined bunch of folks I have ever met in my life. This is the human spirit, the desire to surmount obstacles, the desire to LIVE in every sense of the word, which I see you folks bring into my clinic ever day. So to all of you I want to say a very special THANK YOU! You have taught me so much about life. Your spirit adds joy and meaning to my existence and challenges me every day to never let you down.


  1. Very inspirational post. I am sure Cowboy has "all the right stuff" and you do too.

    Looking forward to seeing pictures of your new park. Sounds pretty good. God Bless.

  2. While reading the piece from the doctor I thought, "He could be writing about you and Cowboy." I have been amazed at your courage and commitment to do whatever it takes to get well. I hope Cowboy can continue in comfort; and you will be able to look back at this period of time as an inconvenience. You are always in my thoughts. You really are an inspiration in the way you view life, together.