Monday, March 26, 2012

Ice Cream and People Watching

What a great weekend and what a great day to escape the city (88F = 31C) and head to Galveston Island on the Gulf of Mexico. Located about an hour southeast from Houston we enjoyed a nice leisurely country drive.

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The scalloped highway divider match the wavy design on the street light standards.


Rich in history this city offers up lots of museums and many points of interest.

OH! Well, I guess a few other people were trying to beat the heat:


Well, one thing was certain . . . The Cowboy was sure going to be exercising his neck today Be right back



It’s a rare sight to see cute little blondes down here.

Great place to sit and enjoy some ice cream and people watch. We didn’t venture out in the sun too much as The Cowboy’s neck is tender from the radiation. He always wears a collared shirt and even with his hat on there was no shade out there at all so we stayed near the vehicle.


The Cowboy has also been showing a few other signs of side effects. His throat was sorer on the weekend and he was having difficulty eating harsh foods. Maybe showing signs of a bit more fatigue but with the exhaustive heat the last couple of days, it’s hard to tell.


We’re still trying to make sure he’s getting his daily requirements of protein, fiber and carbs. While everyone else is usually trying to avoid carbs we’re doing the opposite.


I try to keep enough good food prepared and ready for him to eat when he feels like it. Since he’s not a picky eater, that’s easy enough to do. Eggs, which he loves in any form, are high in protein so there’s always a supply of boiled eggs in the fridge. Today I made a batch of creamy parmesan and asparagus soup – using half and half instead of milk.


Plus I’ve got beans soaking which I’ll cook up tomorrow with some yummy ham.



One of his protein drinks is vanilla flavored so he’s found mixing that with his coffee give him a kick-start as well as imitating a specialty coffee – hot or iced. Plus the chocolate flavor will make for great milk shakes or he likes them just diluted in water. They soothe his throat too. The daily recommended amount of protein for men is about 60 grams while women only need around 50 grams. While The Cowboy is undergoing treatment he needs about 120 grams to maintain his present health. With this protein powder mixed in the appropriate amount of liquid his daily intake is about 128 grams. That’s  not counting protein from any other sources.


Not quite ready to leave the beach . . .

Thanks again for stopping by and spending some time with us. We thoroughly enjoy your comments, phone calls and emails. Your words are so encouraging to both of us. We also love hearing your suggestions or advice, especially from those with either their own or family and friends experiences.

We continue to count our blessings every day and each and every one of you are in that count.

God Bless All of You. We Love You.


  1. Sounds like a great day. I sure wish I was traveling. It's fun to hear about different places people travel. I almost got to drive to Houston when Jack was sick. I keep trying to figure out the pretty parts of Texas. Always have heard about the coast and the hill country, and of course San Antonio, but it's such a BIG state that I didn't want to tackle that when I was on my trip. Plus I hit such bad wind that I was a little intimidated.

    Rich and I used to love to eat ice cream and people watch. His neck would have gotten a good workout at the beach, too. ;)

  2. I LOVE 15 bean soup with ham - YUM. You sure are taking good care of Cowboy while he is getting his treatments. You both have great attitudes. Hope you enjoyed the ice cream and the people watching.