Wednesday, March 21, 2012

And Speaking of . . .

Venturing into another area of MD in search of their pharmacy on the second floor we discovered this serene setting ‘The Park’’.
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Beautiful solarium and all of those plants, including the palm trees are real, not artificial.
There were various displays of art but this one really caught our eye. The picture doesn’t do it justice.

Tree of Life Reflects Young Patients' Journeys

When more than 300 pairs of tiny hands come together to work on an art project, the result can be huge.
This month (September 2011), patients and families from the MD Anderson Children's Cancer Hospital gathered to unveil their year-long, artistic masterpiece -- the Tree of Life.
The Tree of Life stands nearly 8 feet high and is made of a variety of media including strands of multicolored beads, bark made from hand-colored paper and leaves cut from decorated material.
Under the tree rests a garden of flowers, butterflies, birds and more, all created by pediatric patients and their siblings at MD Anderson through the Arts in Medicine Program.
Every handmade piece of the tree represents the unique journey of each patient or sibling.
For some patients, the Tree of Life was a weekly arts activity that got their minds off treatment and introduced them to other patients.
For families, it was an avenue that connected parents with their children for a fun activity, despite the seriousness of their child's disease.
You can read more about it by clicking here: Tree of Life
Just a routine day for The Cowboy, radiation in the morning and a visit with Dr. P. the Radiation Oncologist, this afternoon. He performed a scope and found the treated area to be inflamed. This is normal and indicates that the radiation is being effective and doing what it’s supposed to do.
We also met with the nutritionist who supplied us with more literature and confirmed all of our activities are on target.
And speaking of Target or  . . .
We found this Superstore in our new neighborhood. More therapy! Very organized and large, clean store. We’ve always been WalMart shoppers but this will do nicely.
On route from the hospital to Tarjay our conversation turned to spirituality. Even after we had reached our destination we continued on with the same topic sitting in the parking lot for about another half hour. Later, when we arrived home The Cowboy presented me with this wonderful gift!

What a thoughtful man he is.

And speaking of neighborhood . . .
We took a stroll after dinner tonight hoping to capture some shots of the park with the setting sun. We were a little bit too late for the best light but we’re here for another six weeks so there will be a lot more photo ops.
And speaking of the best part of our day . . .
We stopped to check out what  was happening at the Club House. Now I know you RV’ers out there will know exactly what I’m talking about here – ya know when you meet new people and everyone just clicks? Well, we experienced that wonderful connection tonight.
The Cowboy recognized the T-Shirt and made a comment. Well, in no time at all everyone was engaged in a very lively conversation all at once. Rocky is undergoing treatment for the same type of cancer and is exactly in the same amount of ‘time in’ as The Cowboy. Within minutes we were all comparing notes. . . and lives. They live here in Texas in a small town (Three Rivers, I think?) between Corpus Christi and San Antonio. They go home on the weekends but stay in a housing development here in the park from Monday to Friday. You’ll be seeing more of them on the blog in the days to come. During our chat there were emails and other info being exchanged. We parted with hugs and promises to get together very soon.
We love it when that happens!
Thanks to everyone again for reading and commenting. We appreciate all of you. Your messages are so encouraging for both of us. God Bless You All!


  1. That indoor park looks wonderful - restful and peaceful. That place sure does take good care of their patients. Glad you met another couple you can share experiences with. Mutual support and understanding is always a goo thing. God Bless.

  2. My little grand niece, 7 years old, has Leukemia. It is amazing how much they have the children do to help not only themselves, but other children and their siblings. They are producing a movie that will be out soon. She is an amazing little girl. Her Mom is a nurse, and it's amazing how she has taught Mary all about the disease that she has and how they will fight it together, and win. They also have a good support system in parents of other children with cancer. Amazing what support can do.

    I'm so glad you and the Cowboy met Rocky and his wife. Together, I think you'll all be a great comfort for each other. It's as though he was sent to you and you to him.

    Healing thoughts are sent your way every day.

  3. I am Rocky's eldest daughter, Lisa. Meeting these two, the Cowboy and his Princess, was a WONDERFUL part of our week! Thanks, Sharon, for sharing this photo, our story and allowing us all to be a part of Ron's journey! Love to you both!