Monday, March 12, 2012

Eggplant Parmigiana?

Cold and Rain. Pretty much sums up the weekend weather here in Houston. The Rodeo must be suffering from low attendance.

With the low cloud cover and thunderstorms our Wi-Fi signal is almost non-existent. Can be very frustrating when trying to publish a post, respond to emails, read or comment on other blogs.

Retail Therapy continued:

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P1170723 P1170726
P1170728 P1170729
P1170730 P1170725

The Cowboy has been monitoring his fluid intake by keeping a  journal of everything he drinks. His daily goal has been 96 ounces and he’s been able to easily exceed that. We’re concentrating on liquids that will provide him with some variety like drink crystals added to water as well as protein drinks with carbs, fiber and calories. We’ve also stocked up on low sodium broths and soups.

P1170734 P1170735
While most people are focusing on less carbs in their diet we are doing just the opposite. The nutritionists are advising us to load The Cowboy up with calories and carbs in anticipation of any weight loss during his treatments. I love my carbs so we all know who’s going to be the one gaining weight, don’t we?

It’s been a real learning curve for us as we’ve never had to read labels before. Fortunately, we’ve never had any health issues and we feel we eat very well. We don’t eat a lot of red meat but we do enjoy a nice steak on the BBQ. Pork in any form is one of our favorites and we still don’t know if that’s a white or red meat, nor do we care. A roasted deli chicken will last us for about 3 meals – as the main course one night, Caesar salad wraps the next day and still leftovers for tacos or tortillas. While we prefer fresh bass and perch out of Lake Erie we also enjoy salmon or tilapia at least once a week though the winter.

Having been born and raised in rural Ontario with it’s fresh and bountiful summer gardens - we love all vegetables. Except eggplant. Let’s face it you can try to disguise it under all that parmigiana or any other way but it’s still eggplant! And could someone please explain to me why it’s even called ‘eggplant’? What’s with that?

We could easily live on sweet corn and tomato sandwiches from late July, August and if we can coast it into September, you can bet we will.

This morning’s visit to the Center was labeled under ‘Simulation’. Uneventful but necessary - a dress rehearsal for tomorrow morning’s first radiation treatment. All of the radiation sessions are scheduled for five (early) mornings a week and the chemotherapy visits are set up for once a week on Mondays. The radiation itself will only take about 15 seconds and the chemo may take up to an hour. Blood testing, Doctor’s meetings and other specialist’s i.e.: nutritionists, dentists, etc., will fill in the rest of the days.

The Center is like one big maze once you arrive. Entrance 3 takes you to parking in Garages #2 & #10. Parking Garage #5 is about 3 blocks away from Entrance 5?!? Parking itself has been a bit costly at $8.00 to $10.00 a shot but from here on in the radiation visits (under 2 hours) will be free valet parking.

Thanks again for stopping by and for your encouraging words. We’re happy you’re with us on this new adventure. We Thank God and We Thank You.


  1. Love those pictures of the colorful. And you got a couple of cutie patooties in there too. Nothing like bright lights and a rainbow of colors to lift your spirits. I have to agree with you about the eggplant - yuk! But love that sweet corn! Nothing better in summer than fresh corn on the cob and fresh strawberries.

  2. Thanks for the updates; I check every day. Thinking of you both, and will definitely be thinking of you a lot tomorrow! Go kick that cancer's ass Dad. Then get back up here so we can finally see one another. Don't forget!! G

  3. Ok so I really want those black boots with pink laces, and I see Dad picking me out a new belt buckle! Those spurs sure were shiny and yes I agree eggplant sucks. Prayers and hugs. Love PUNKY