Friday, March 23, 2012

Playing Hooky? Not today!

Beating the high cost of fuel?


Over the last couple of days The Cowboy has developed a cold and is very congested. He slept quite a bit yesterday and we felt it was from the lack of sleep the night before. This morning he was up about 4:30 AM because he couldn’t breathe. He knew with the congestion that he wouldn’t be able to tolerate the mask that he wears for his radiation treatment. We were also concerned about him spreading his cold to the other patients so  I called around 6:30 AM and left a message cancelling his appointment.

However, this is not like calling in sick at work. Sweet little Robin from the Radiation Dept. called around 10 o’clock and politely suggested insisted that they had an opening at 10:30 and it would be best if The Cowboy be there for his daily treatment. He was feeling better by then and mentioned that about 10 minutes before she called me.

She explained later how important it is not to miss a session and that if he was sick that they would admit him to Emergency and treat him until he was able to take the radiation. All went well. His throat is tender but he is actually pleased about that. He feels that is a sign that the treatments are working and he would be more concerned if it wasn’t sore.

We made a Target stop and picked up a few things then we spent the rest of the day getting things back to normal around here with laundry, vacuuming, cleaning and tidying up. I know I’ve mentioned before that cleaning the motorhome is a snap and only takes about 12 minutes a day, key words there ‘a day’, which means daily. We’ve been focused on other things lately so it was a great day for catching up. The Cowboy really helped me by relaxing in the shade outside and reading. (Read: by staying out of my way!) He’s such a wise man.

Even found time to slip up to the pool to cool off from the 85F degree weather – that’s about 29C to you Canadians up north.

While we’re not big on air conditioners we actually had both of them running for a while.

Yeah, Life is tough out here on the road.Rolling on the floor laughing

Wedge salad, lima beans and sweet potatoes (that were baking while I was at the pool) along with The Cowboy’s wonderful BBQ ribs  . . . . .


And that was dinner tonight! Delicious!

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  1. Sounds like it all worked out in the end and I'm glad it did.

    On the lighter side you can quit posting the food porn as it's driving me nuts missing BBQ meat and Texas...however I'm not sad that I missed the Cilantro Festival again this year! As I've said in the past, a little of it goes way to far.
    We've enjoy two weeks of great weather up here, with temps in the low to mid 20's. Today however is a fresh reminder that spring is coming and not summer as we woke up to -2 as we headed to work.

    I appreciate the addition of the count down clock showing days left for Ron's treatment. While I miss you both dearly, the reality is that I thank the higher power that you are where you are.
    Keep smiling and fighting the good fight.
    Te amo,