Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just to let everyone know that we made it back to Ontario safe and sound.


The Cowboy continues to amaze me. I’m not sure how he just drove 1300 miles in the last 5 days after having gone through what he has in the last 2 months.


We didn’t spend long hours on the road, pulled over at a rest area or a big box store parking lot when he needed to rest.


He is still sleeping a lot but sleeping better now that we have arrived back home. And yes our motorhome has been our home for the last seven years but where we park it can make all the difference between a house and home. This is where our roots are. Deep roots.


When I started this blog last fall my intention was to journal our travels and photos to share with our family and friends. In February, when The Cowboy was diagnosed with cancer, the blog took off in a different direction. We needed to communicate with everyone and keep them updated, being so many miles from home.


We also hoped that if there was anyone else out there that were facing the same challenges that we could help alleviate some of those fears of the unknown.


At that time I had no idea where the strength would come from but YOU our readers have given us that strength! We never would have been able to make this journey without your Prayers and encouragement. There were many evenings when I have sat and cried many big grateful tears reading your comments and positive thoughts for us. We owe all of this success to YOU! How can we not have made it through with all of the love and compassion you’ve shown us?


I swear if the bunch of you decided to open a greeting card company that Hallmark would be put to shame!

Below is a comment left by my brother KLM – who by the way would be the President of that greeting card company. He says it best!

I am remembering when this blog first started, and then how it blossomed into this part of the journey or quest. It seems to me it became an informational forum for all of us involved to learn and experience with you a part of life we don't all fully understand.

I think back to watching the ticker and thinking, my gosh how I miss and you both and have to wait even longer to see you. I cried with you, I laughed with you ...tried to do my best and be strong and inspire you.

Being positive has proven to be beneficial as we all know when dealing with this demon, and I want to say again, kudo's to you both for fighting a good fight.

"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

Now the day is just around for your arrival and I am so thankful. I would like to also thank all your followers for all their encouraging and sincere can never have enough friends in life.

The next chapter hasn't been written, but I think we can speculate and rejoice accordingly.

Much luv and happiness to you both,

We will continue posting although probably not on a regular basis and it will probably take off in a different direction as The Cowboy continues to recover.


We know we still have some challenges ahead of us but we will tackle them head on, just as we’ve done with this adventure.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Tying the Knot

Awww . . . and you thought this was going to be a follow up to our previous ‘proposal’ post? Sorry, no.

Meet Phillip:


We met Phillip in the Pharmacy waiting area yesterday.

Although he doesn’t seem very animated in this photo he really does come to life when engaged in a conversation.

Phillip has been coming to MD Anderson for 10 years to be treated for Hodgkins Disease.


He brings along one of his hobbies to pass away some of the hours between appointments. This particular craft is one where he takes used mule strapping and braids or knots it into stronger more durable ropes.


Here he’s showing the base or the center of the rope which he braids the nylon mule strapping around. Recycling at it’s best!


He then coils it so it becomes more compact and easier to carry around.

Last year when he was in the centre for a 4 week session of treatment he brought a chair with him that needed to be re-caned. He likes to stay active and believes in ‘Idle hands are the devil’s workshop’. Quite the guy and he has so many stories to share that I asked him to write a blog to post here. So hopefully we’ll be hearing from him real soon.

Wednesday night we went for a long walk around the park. The Cowboy’s strength is coming back and he’s able to do more each day.

We are on the road and travelling north and that’s about all I can tell you right now. I’ve scheduled this post ahead of time so it will be published regardless of whether we have an internet connection or not.

Just know that we are taking our time. We have no deadlines we have to meet so we are traveling at The Cowboy’s speed. We may only drive for an hour, pull over at a rest stop, have a nap and continue on. Or we may be able to drive for 3 or 4 hours. We know that everyone is as anxious as we are to get back - just know that we are not being foolish or taking any chances on his health.

We know that God will be traveling with us just as he has along every step of this journey. We hope that he is in your hearts as well and that you can find peace in those thoughts.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mount Rush Hour

Just one more shot of Houston’s landscape – check out those beautiful blue skies and white puffy clouds.


This was our view yesterday morning, through a dirty windshield, sorry.

Traffic was . . . well, hey it’s Houston!


We’ve passed this statue many times but it’s really difficult to get a good shot of it through the trees from the interstate . . . in a moving vehicle. Here’s a little better shot . . .


Mount Rush Hour

Mount Rush Hour

A Lone-Star-State-skewed version of Mount Rushmore, placed by sculptor David Adickes (who has built other big things in Texas) at a notorious Houston bottleneck.

Giant busts of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sam Houston, and Stephen Austin give morning commuters something to look at as they creep into downtown from the northwest suburbs. Across the bases it is labeled: "A Tribute to American Statesmanship."

So while you're caught in an interminable traffic snarl, gaze into the patient gaze of any of our hero Statesmen and still your rage. But if you want to admire the sculptures up close, you have to get off of the freeway.

Cowboy’s blood work completed – doesn’t even take long enough for me to barely start a conversation with anyone in the waiting room I don't know smile.

Dr. S’s efficient Clinical Nurse Linda spent quite a bit of time with us going over the results. Leaving out the fine details and complicated ratios, calculations and percentages that I would never be able to translate for the purpose of this blog. I can tell you that his white  count, while still low is coming back up. She said that he looked better than she expected although he is slightly dehydrated. On a previous visit we were told the same thing but by drinking just another 8-10 ounces right away would have brought that level up immediately.

With the white count is coming back up she still advised that he stay away from crowds of people or places where there could be any contact with germs risking chances of infection. Even though his immune system is being built back up it his body needs to be stronger in order to fight off any bad bacteria.

For any of you medical specialists out there (Hi Nancy!) or any of you out there that have any concerns or are thoroughly disgusted with my casual terminology – we have copies of all the reports for your perusal.

Out of 5 he says his throat pain is about a 2 and with medication he’s able to control that. He’s comparing the outside neck burns, which we can see is healing, to the inside burns of his throat.

His weight is at 204 lbs. and while that is a total loss of about 16 pounds it’s not a big concern. Most of his adult life he was about 180-190 and it’s only been since semi-retiring and living this life style that it has crept up to about 220.



Myself and other girlfriends that I’ve chatted with are taking this as another life lesson.



You should always carry around some extra weight in order to be able to combat whatever may happen.

That’s my story.