Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Just to let everyone know that we made it back to Ontario safe and sound.


The Cowboy continues to amaze me. I’m not sure how he just drove 1300 miles in the last 5 days after having gone through what he has in the last 2 months.


We didn’t spend long hours on the road, pulled over at a rest area or a big box store parking lot when he needed to rest.


He is still sleeping a lot but sleeping better now that we have arrived back home. And yes our motorhome has been our home for the last seven years but where we park it can make all the difference between a house and home. This is where our roots are. Deep roots.


When I started this blog last fall my intention was to journal our travels and photos to share with our family and friends. In February, when The Cowboy was diagnosed with cancer, the blog took off in a different direction. We needed to communicate with everyone and keep them updated, being so many miles from home.


We also hoped that if there was anyone else out there that were facing the same challenges that we could help alleviate some of those fears of the unknown.


At that time I had no idea where the strength would come from but YOU our readers have given us that strength! We never would have been able to make this journey without your Prayers and encouragement. There were many evenings when I have sat and cried many big grateful tears reading your comments and positive thoughts for us. We owe all of this success to YOU! How can we not have made it through with all of the love and compassion you’ve shown us?


I swear if the bunch of you decided to open a greeting card company that Hallmark would be put to shame!

Below is a comment left by my brother KLM – who by the way would be the President of that greeting card company. He says it best!

I am remembering when this blog first started, and then how it blossomed into this part of the journey or quest. It seems to me it became an informational forum for all of us involved to learn and experience with you a part of life we don't all fully understand.

I think back to watching the ticker and thinking, my gosh how I miss and you both and have to wait even longer to see you. I cried with you, I laughed with you ...tried to do my best and be strong and inspire you.

Being positive has proven to be beneficial as we all know when dealing with this demon, and I want to say again, kudo's to you both for fighting a good fight.

"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

Now the day is just around for your arrival and I am so thankful. I would like to also thank all your followers for all their encouraging and sincere can never have enough friends in life.

The next chapter hasn't been written, but I think we can speculate and rejoice accordingly.

Much luv and happiness to you both,

We will continue posting although probably not on a regular basis and it will probably take off in a different direction as The Cowboy continues to recover.


We know we still have some challenges ahead of us but we will tackle them head on, just as we’ve done with this adventure.


  1. I am so thankful you had a safe journey home resting as you went. Will look forward to hearing from you from time to time. I have your email address so you'll be hearing from me too :)

  2. Ever so grateful that God guided you both back here safely. Such an intense hug from you and probably won't be able to squeeze enough of those in! Looking forward to Dad bouncing back and spending quality time down by the lake! Love you guys. PUNKY

    1. Definetly better days ahead Shy. The 1st hugs are the best, you never want to let go!

      Keep smiling and being who you are.
      Uncle Ken

  3. Certainly happy that you have made it home safely! Great to know that the drive home is now behind you...what courage you have. Enjoy your family...take good care of one another...we will look forward to future news from you. Thanks again for sharing.

  4. So happy to hear you are home safe and sound. When Jim can finally travel we'll take it nice and slow and only as his strength allows. Your blog has helped me get through this time in our lives and I'm not sure how I would have made it without you guys. Take time to heal and love. Whenever you post we'll be here.

    1. Best wishes to you both, travel safe and hope to see you both around the bend.

  5. All I can say now is, I got my 1st two hugs yesterday and the world is a better place today!
    Home safe and sound ...and resting!!!

  6. Glad you're home safely. Think about how many people you and the Cowboy have helped with your blog. I wish only blue skies ahead for you.

  7. I'm sure the Cowboy will thrive now that you home amongst love ones...and roots.

    (hit the send button too soon) :)

  8. Obviously, I pushed the button too soon, again! Why can't I catch my typos!!!

  9. Glad you both made it home safe, and that Cowboy is doing so well. Hope you have a wonderful summer with the family.