Saturday, June 2, 2012

But who’s counting?

After such a long absence it’s hard to know where to start up again . . .

First and foremost, of course, is The Cowboy’ progress . . . it has been very slow. We are both surprised that it has taken this long for him to turn that corner but I think we can honestly say that he is improving. He’s not as fatigued as he was, still enjoying his afternoon nap and sometimes an early evening rest but for the most part he is up more than he is down. Mentally too, spirits are good and his sense of humor . . . well, he still laughs harder at his own jokes than the rest of us do. So I guess it’s safe to say that some things are back to normal.Rolling on the floor laughing

It’s only been about this last week that his appetite started coming back. I’m happy to report that he has been eating much better. Almost full meals . . . in fact the last couple of days he has actually been doing some of the cooking. Yesterday, for brunch he fixed us a wonderful omelet and tonight he took over the kitchen again and treated us to a delicious stir-fry. Bean sprouts have been a favorite of his lately. Not much nutrition but they are easy for him to chew and swallow.


His throat is still very tender and he’s careful to chew everything well. He continues to take pain medication and is still making sure he drinks his protein drinks. His voice is still barely more than a whisper, some days stronger than others.

He’s not running any marathons yet but he’s slowly gaining back his strength. We stroll through the park a couple of times a day and we’ve had a few outings recently where we’ve been away from home for longer periods altho’ we’re still careful in avoiding large crowds.

There are no words to express how great it feels for us to be back among our families and friends. We’ve seen our wonderful kids, brothers, sisters but only a couple of nieces and nephews so we’ll make up for that real soon. Friends are keeping their visits short so as not to tire out The Cowboy. Everyone has been so considerate usually calling ahead to make arrangements for a good time to visit.

It also feels awesome to be welcomed back into our seasonal park with our summer friends and neighbours. Such a great community feeling!

Trillium Court Trailer Park, Port Rowan, Ontario.

Ontario chose the white trillium as its provincial flower in 1937. This white flower grows in the forest in the springtime.

It is called the trillium because it has three petals & three leaves. The “tri-“ part of trillium means three.

Last year we were parked in a temporary pull thru site waiting for a permanent site to open up. At the end of the season one became available. Even tho’ it’s a small lot we decided it was better than where we were so we convinced ourselves we could make it work for us. And so were our friends that came out to help us get it cleaned up and in shape for us.


We trimmed and pruned a lot of the overgrown bushes and trees, transplanted a few of the neglected perennials and took down a partial latticed fence which opened up the space quite a bit.


There’s lots more news but it’s too much for one post so we’ll close here for tonight. A couple of things I’ve read about blogging is that you should never apologize for not posting and to try and keep the posts around 500 words. . . I’m now at 656.

Hope all is well out there in Blog land. I’ve been trying to catch up on following everyone else’s posts but I still have a ways to go.

Take Care Everyone and God Bless All of You!


  1. Your still in our prayers but just like to say Welcome Back.

    It's about time.

  2. So good to see you back on here and that the Cowboy is doing better!!

  3. Considering what the Cowboy has been through I think he is doing fantastic. Jim also takes a nap during the day and then he falls asleep in the recliner each evening. But that's okay because he's here with me. Still has pain but it gets a little better every week. When he gets to go fishing then I will know he is on his way to being well again. So glad you're back with friends and family. They will fill your lives with such sunshine. Enjoy yourselves and give yourselves time to heal.

  4. Glad to hear from you. Thanks for the update - and so glad to hear the Cowboy is still making good progress. It takes time. I wouldn't worry overmuch about blog "guidelines". I think most of those suggestions are all in good fun anyway. It's just someone's opinion and we all have one LOL!!

  5. I am so glad to see your blog again. I have been wondering how you both have been doing. Fantastic news about Cowboy's recovery. Blog guidelines? Phooey! Exemptions are made for special cases. LOL

  6. So glad to hear from you and that the Cowboy is making progress. He's been through a lot so you can't expect normalcy overnight. I'm just happy that you're surrounded by people who love and support you. Funny place this blogland...I've never met you, yet you are always in my thoughts. Pay no attention to rules--they were made to be broken. :)

  7. Glad to hear he's doing so well..I'm glad to see u updating, as I keep checking for new updates..again, never met u but feel like we know u!!

  8. Time passes and the body will heal, slow and steady is the progress to keep in mind. And while we all hear your anxiety to get back to a normal routine, just being on this side of the sod is a normal
    Look at the support you have in this little group, and then expand it to the support you have from all of us here at home.
    So ask for help when needed, and don't be ashamed to do so. I can't thank you both enough for all that you've helped me with in the past...and one hand washes the other. You've been rocks to so many people and simply put, it's about time it was reciprocated ( willingly ).

    Shared work gets done faster and shared love goes farther!

  9. I finally found that Ken has this listed under favourites so now I can keep up to date without asking him what is going on with you two.
    I'm happy to hear things are improving.I was so amazed at how well Ron is doing after all he's been through and you too Sharon. None of this is easy.
    I hope you are settled in your spot at the campground and are enjoying the place. I hope we can get down to see you soon.
    Take care both of you. Sending my love and hugs xxoo
    Mary Ann