Monday, June 18, 2012

Our New Home – Before and After

After all that work getting our first lot ready to move in we only stayed there for a couple of weeks before we were presented with the opportunity to move to a different site. The Cowboy has had his eye on this one since we moved in to this park last year. Offering much more space and a wonderful ravine setting we jumped at the chance.

It’s difficult to see in the next photo but that is our home backing up the road to it’s new location.


Since we are the only motorhome in the park it usually draws a lot of attention.




Neighbours are always surprised when The Cowboy backs in and lines it up so straight – first time. Every time.



We’ve transplanted some bushes and plants and happily accepted donations from friends – including the usual hostas and other perennials as well as some daffodils, irises, chives and lemon basil. We bought a few of our favourite annuals to add some colour.




We’ve hit a few yard sales – this is one of my finds for a $1.00! It’s actually upside down in this picture, while it gets a coat of paint. That $1.00 included the glass top for it as well!



We have a recycle/upcycle section here at the park where we scrounge for (and donate) treasures too.




Amazing what a can of Tremclad will do . .  this particular can of ‘Springtime Green’ was on sale at Canadian Tire for $5.33. 







We’ve added a few bird feeders . . .


and once we figure out how to keep the chipmunks and squirrels away from the feeders, life will be just fine. I don’t mind feeding the little critters but the chipmunks especially, like to fill their little cheeks then scamper away to hide it for the winter. Well, the bird seed will rot and not be edible this winter for anyone. Neighbours have suggested greasing the poles so we may try that. The other night a squirrel climbed up the tree and knocked the finch feeder off the bracket spilling the seed all over the ground. The Cowboy found the (almost empty) feeder under the motorhome the next morning. The busy little hummingbirds are keeping us amused too with their flitting about.


There’s a little creek at the bottom of the ravine at the back of our site. We are really enjoying the peace and serenity that Mother Nature delivers to us every day.

The Cowboy moved the fire pit from the back of the yard closer to the front so that it was in a more sociable location. He also moved the 8 large patio stones around it too.

He is still in pain and continues to take medication but he’s eating better and getting stronger every day. Moving to this site has kind of forced him to be more physical with all the set up and making the site ‘ours’. He tires easily but most days he’s down to one nap in the afternoon. However, it wasn’t unusual for him to nap after lunch before all of this treatment began.

Okay so now for effect, I’m showing a photo of our lot ‘before’ we moved here followed by the ‘after’ shot.







Okay . . . are you ready?






Wait for it . . .








Drum Roll please! . . .






Keep scrolling . . .






It’s coming . . .







The next posts will hopefully include pictures of us, our families, friends and neighbours enjoying the fire pit, eating at the new patio set on the large deck and having fun in the gazebo.


  1. Hi, Sharon! It's so great to see you posting. You've got a lovely spot to enjoy (flowers and all), and for Cowboy to continue healing and getting back to his former self!

    I've hear that spraying silicone on bird feeder posts will keep the squirrels away.

    Again, glad to hear things are going so well for you and Cowboy.

  2. Your new home is beautiful!!!! What a difference. I was just sitting here thinking about you and the Cowboy and you popped up :) Thanks for posting.

  3. Woweeee!! Do you ever know how to move into a new site!!! That's nothing short of gorgeous. You have a real knack for setting things up and making them look so inviting. Keep that up and we may just have to jump into Therapy and come see you!

  4. Wow what a great job you did.

  5. Your new "digs" look fantastic. I am so glad that Cowboy is coming along.

  6. I need you to come beautify our site. I am so not into that. The difference in your new site is incredible. Jim still tires easily also and naps are an essential part of the day. But he really is feeling good and getting stronger. Thank the Lord for these great guys we have.

  7. Chris too has his after lunch sleep - must be a genetic trait :)

    Your site looks amazing -- home is where you hang your keys!

  8. Your site looks great. I will have to come over soon to check it out.

  9. Hi Sharon n Ron,

    We are back from the West and hope to make it down your way for a bike ride.

    Looks like you have been busy doing what you do so looks great!!!! You guys must be tickled pink.

    Hope all is well.

    Love Sharon n Larry