Friday, June 22, 2012

Good Things Gro–o-o-w . . . in Ontario

Well, I finally got my fresh Ontario strawberries!


They followed this mouth watering Prime Rib . . .


Grilled to perfection by The Cowboy along with garlic baked potatoes & onions – another of The Cowboy’s specialties. I was too busy eating to take photos but the sides of fresh asparagus and tomato/cucumber salad with Italian dressing and feta cheese were scrumptious as well!

Joining us for this summer-time meal was Nancy and her daughter, Suzanne.

Remember what I said about the camera? It’s like everybody froze – mid air!

The other pretty lady at the table is our niece Natalie.


Lots of good food, visiting and chatting with lots of laughs . . . that is until the camera comes out!


And that busy little girl in the background is Natalie’s daughter – our great niece Kiera.

As soon as dinner is over – what else is there to do in a campground?

Well it must be time to roast marshmallows.

Sounds easy right?

Well first off we need to be very patient and wait for the fire to be started:


then the perfect giant roasting stick had to be found for the giant marshmallows:




Finally the tasting!


and the Sharing . . .


Now that’s what summer is all about!

Now for a little photography fun

My everyday ‘go-to’ camera is a Lumix Panasonic that has taken literally, thousands of pictures.



It’s a mid sized camera with a 12X zoom that’s easy to grab and just point and shoot.


Then every once in a while I put on my big girl panties and reach for this one:

My Nikon


My Nikon D-80 DSLR with a wide angle lens as well as a zoom lens.

I haven’t taken the time to experiment much with it and the settings are still on ‘Auto’.


A friend of mine even gave me a couple of filters for it – I have no idea what the filters will do!

It’s a much larger camera and not as easy to carry around – especially for the type of photos that I take. I prefer candid as opposed to posed shots preferring behind the scenes rather than shooting the main event. I think you can capture the more natural side of people.

Admittedly, it’s hard to be inconspicuous when you’re lugging around a 10 pound piece of equipment Winking smile

Yesterday I shot a few flowers - next to kids, my favourite subject . . .


That one is SOOC – Straight out of the camera.

Then with a little editing in Picasa, the next 3 are the same photo.




Now a simple Tiger Lily – same thing – the first one is SOOC:





Just a few more random shots:




Hope everyone is having a wonderful day out there and doing exactly what your heart desires.

Thanks to all of you who follow our blog and encouraging us to continue blogging by leaving your beautiful comments.

We Love You All!


  1. My Cousin Natalie!! wow...looks like you had a great visit...wish I was there! Glad you finally got some strawberries. Love you...see you Sunday!!

  2. Oh, you made me hungry!!! That roast looks incredible. The little girls are adorable. So glad to see you enjoying the good life.

    I gave my Nikon D40 to my son--tired of lugging it around--sometimes have a pang of missing it, but I got a tiny little Panasonic Luminex X16 (a tiny bit larger than a credit card) point and shoot and for me it does just fine most of the time. The best part is that I can carry it in my purse or on my belt loop - got a tiny little soft case for it that would hold a credit card/license if I didn't want to carry any purse. I decided to be prepared for anything so got an extra little battery and memory card--even the charger fits in my purse. (I was eyeing the D1300 the other day, but resisted temptation)

    Your pictures are beautiful, and reflect the happy place your are in, now. :)

  3. Seems you and Chris have something in common - a love of photography. Did you know Chris just recently joined the world of digital? He had a darkroom in the basement. He's hooked on digital after our cruise after he realized the benefit of being able to see what you have captured immediately rather than having to wait for the time to be in the darkroom.

  4. Looks like you are having great fun with your camera...and Picasa!! My D300 is gathering dust while I spend all my camera time with my Panasonic Lumix! Love the little cameras, even though they have their limitations. But who am I kidding - I'll never be a pro so why not just enjoy the camera that I use the most. Love the shots of the marshmallow roasting.