Thursday, June 21, 2012

With a little help from our friends . . .

That should actually read ‘with a WHOLE LOTTA help from our friends’ but I don’t think that’s a song title.

Ron & Carla and their two little boys were the previous residents of our current site. They purchased a large mobile home next door and are making that their summer cottage. They had this gazebo set up on this lot but have no use for it in their new space so we bought it from them.



The frame was already erected and here’s Ron helping us attach the netting and canvas walls.



A bit intimidating but this is what our next project looked like.


Kennedy and Elizabeth, here in the park replaced these patio stones with a nice large wooden deck on their park model. Fitting in with The Cowboy’s future plans for our site and always on the look out for a bargain we made a deal and bought all 174 of them!



At the very least we saved the delivery charge since the stones were already here in the park.






Well, they were here in the park but not exactly on our site so we loaded up our trusty little red pick up truck (several times) and with the help of our neighbours managed to get a few of them in place and the rest of them stacked up for future projects.

Our ‘Eveready’ friends Jim & Linda are always here to lend a helping hand.


Then there’s Nurse Nancy who is obviously no stranger to the runway. Proudly making her debut here with the very latest and trendiest style of work wear. Notice how the work gloves complement the socks and shoes? She is the epitome of Trailer Park fashion!



We wouldn’t normally put this much time and effort into just any site but we are really feeling that this is perhaps our permanent summer place.

If and when . . . and I’m sure a lot of our RV’er friends go through the same thought process . . . what’s next? When we are no longer able to drive the motorhome (notice I said ‘we’? – more on that later) we do have a Plan B.


Ideally, we would like to be set up with a place somewhere in the southern states with warmer climates where we can spend our winter months. The other 6 or 7 months would find us here in southern Ontario in our summer place.


We not only love our new site but we also think the location of this park is one of the best areas for our needs and wants at this time. (We know Shy and Dave feel it’s quite a drive from London but we also know that they feel the hour and a half drive is ‘soooo’ worth it.)


Among other things we are only about 10 minutes away from the greatest fishing and boating spots on Lake Erie. There will be more on the ‘great fishing’ in a later post as Bass Season opens here on Saturday.


I just hope my camera has a large enough lens to capture all the shots of The Cowboy’s catch. He’s already told me they won’t be gone long. It should only take them an hour or so to catch their limit. Flirt male


  1. An hour or so - sounds like a true Fisherman to me. We're just going to have to come visit sometime and let those men of us see who can catch the biggest fish or at least the biggest lie. We've found our winter spot but we haven't come up with a summer spot yet. Probably somewhere here in Montana but who knows.

  2. Looks great! and yes I would drive there anytime to spend some summer time down by the lake...and to see you both of course!