Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Millwood Landing is one of our ROD (Resorts of Distinction) parks. We stayed here for the first time last spring and it has become one of our favorites. We hated to say goodbye but we are just not far enough south yet.

We took advantage of the nice weather earlier in the week before the cooler temps and rain set in. They have a very nice and well maintained 18 hole golf course and these photos show some of the beautiful flowers that we enjoyed along the course. Come to think of it . . . the flowers were the highlight of our game.


We’re not sure of any of the names of the above flowers just as I’m not sure of any of the names of some of the shots we had on the golf course. Maybe someone out there can help us out. With the names of the flowers that is. Not our golf game. We already know the terms: hook, slice, shank, etc. We are also very familiar with all the four letter words that follow those shots.


And of course . . . FOOD

There are tons of planned activities in the all year round. Even though there were not a lot of RVers in the park it certainly didn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the park’s crew.



Each Wednesday is (Free) Hamburger night which happened to be the day we had worked up a ferocious appetite on the golf course.



But then it’s always appreciated when anyone else prepares and serves us a meal. Free.

This gave us another chance to meet and chat with some of the other travelers in the park.

Also on the agenda was an early Thanksgiving Pot Luck Dinner and anyone that knows us is well aware that we never say ‘no’ to a (Free) Turkey Dinner.



Everyone’s specialties including dressing, mashed potatoes & gravy, baked beans, jalapeno corn casserole, many salads and veggies . . .


The park generously provided the turkey, ham, drinks and a warm, very pleasant atmosphere with yet another great opportunity to swap stories with other friendly RV’ers.

However, the Pièce de résistance had to be this beautiful Bacon wrapped Turkey with Thyme. Chef Brad did an outstanding job with this wonderfully slow smoked turkey. Outstanding! So moist, tender and flavorful!

Bacon wrapped turkey with thyme

This was a great way for us to end our week making new friends and creating more wonderful memories.

Chef Brad was recently promoted to Millwood Resort’s Manager and deserves a lot of credit. As well as all of the very friendly and hard working staff. JOB WELL DONE!!

This is certainly not a park review but we would highly recommend this resort to any membership RV’ers out there.

Did I mention FREE?

Here’s a link to their website: Millwood Landing

Click here to see their Facebook Page and more photos.


Friday, November 22, 2013

Views from the Princess Throne

Regardless of our long drive on Saturday we were well rested and on the road early the next morning. The moon is still high in the sky.


With the sunrise in our rear view mirror indicating we’re heading in the right direction and another great day.



There’s hope for us yet . . .










or maybe not.


We are obviously beyond all Hope.




This is the GPS program the Cowboy uses to navigate our travels. Microsoft Streets and Trips on his laptop that sits on the dash with the annoying voice turned off.


We know we’re in the south when we see cotton fields.

And here comes the food porn . . .







Late morning and our destination nearing we stop at Flying J – fuel for the coach and for us too. Denny’s skillet breakfast for the Cowboy and Moon over My Hammy for me. Excellent food and great service.


Here’s where we are calling ‘home’ for the next few days.

The view from our front window:


and from where I am sitting right now:


Just wondering . . .

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Headin' South . . . by The Cowboy

We started our annual journey south this year with a first stop overnight in Sarnia to visit with Lorraine (sister) and Bob (brother in-law). They are always fun to be with and Bob “NEVER” fails to entertain. If it is going to happen----It is going to happen to Bob. They take us downtown to a Chinese restaurant. We park in an underground lot---go through the Mall---across the street to the restaurant. Enjoy a good meal and conversation. Then head back for home. But wait, the Mall is closed---walk a mile to the other side of the Mall. The underground garage is closed. Did I mention, Bob’s car is down there someplace? The doors are closed and locked. Is a Taxi ride in our future? Should we walk the 26 blocks back to our motorhome? Should we report Bob’s car as stolen? We may as well walk back out to the main street----but wait the EXIT door is still open to the garage-----Run-RUN FAST---Quick before it closes. Ha made it. Found the car and headed back home. Whew—“LIFE WITH BOB”. (Should write a book someday). Never a dull moment.

Didn’t get a lot of sleep that night (had to worry about the border crossing, you know) they always make you feel guilty as sin even if you have nothing to worry about. Princess is going to drive alone in the car to cross, I will bring the motorhome after she calls me and we will meet at the first “Rest Area”. RIGHT!!!!!!---I drive 2800 miles through 6 States and 25 cities with a 65’ long rig but she misses the rest area that is plugged into her GPS???????? Now understand Michigan is a VERY large State, but we find each other on the voyage and reconnect the car and we are off.
Happy as Geese in a “V”.

Normally we only drive 250 miles/day, but this is the first day and we feel GREAT—let’s hit 350. Oh but at 350 no place to stop for the night. Well it is only another short hop down the road to a place we have stayed at before, so we’re off. Another 175 miles and we arrive. Total 525miles that day and tired is not the word. Get a good night’s rest and thankful to be in Kentucky. WARM!!!
Up the next morning early (since I went to bed at 7:00pm) and down the road we go. Stop south of Memphis for the night, even if it is only 2:30 in the afternoon---forgot about the one hour time change. Another rest and relaxing time then farther south to Ashdown, AR. To shut down for a 6 night stay in a beautiful RV park. Get in some golf, shopping, Blogging and southern hospitality.
We were a bit upset about circumstances making us drive that 525 miles the first day but someone was looking after us. We missed all of that big storm, tornado’s that ripped through the area.

So for today, Princess is in the kitchen---Quiche is in my future---Good day to swing a golf club and nap.