Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Early Dad’s Day

Blue skies with lots of sunshine surrounded our day on Saturday as we celebrated an early Father’s Day.


Son-In-Law Dave did an excellent job at grilling up some burgers to go along with our baked beans and potato salad. The kids even supplied the burgers and buns.

Since Shy & Dave have been together we try and double up on the family events when we can so Dave’s Dad – Dave Senior and Lynn also joined us for the day. Puzzled as to how to refer to our son-in-law’s Dad?!? When we first met we discovered that we have a great deal in common and have become very good friends – so we just call him ‘Friend’ and he is a good one at that!  We always have a great time when we are together.


The Cowboy has plans to build a big shed on our lot so Shy crafted up a sign that seems very appropriate.


She also gave her Dad this hint . . . She has given us so many wedding decorations and Cowboy themed gifts for our upcoming nuptials – What is it with kids these days that seem to think their parents should be married? Sheesh!


And no we have not set a date yet – but when we do – trust me! I will let everyone know.

After dinner had settled a bit we enjoyed some dessert around the campfire – fresh strawberry shortcake – oh wait a minute . . . no we didn’t. My (favourite?) son-in-law Dave didn’t bring the strawberries so we had angel food cake with lemon & dream whip frosting with slivered almonds topping it off. Delicious – but would have been much better with fresh strawberries.Winking smile


Why does everyone completely ignore me when I have the camera in my hand?

Well, before the end of the day I was able to find some subjects that weren’t quite so camera shy.


We were treated to some cute little tricksters. It was Halloween for the little people at Trillium Court.


I wasn’t able to get pictures of all of them but I did snag a few.


We had about 30 little visitors . . .  some a bit scary . . .


while some were just darn cute!


This little guy was dressed up as his favourite animal – a beaver. (I didn’t really notice until I inserted this photo his little beaver mouth – too cute!)

And isn’t it amazing what lengths some people will go to for a candy apple?



Sure makes ya wonder what else she’s got in that loot bag!

Ah well – the trailer park life Smile


What happens in Trillium Court – Stays in Trillium Court!




As the day came to a close we did manage to sneak in a few more photos for our memory albums.

Dave Senior and Dave Junior:


The Cowboy and Shy:


The wonderful loving bond of father and daughter.


A belated wish to all of the men out there . . . whether you are a Dad, Grandfather, a wanna-be Father or play the role of a Dad . . .we hope you had a great day and spent it doing the things you wanted to do with the ones you Love!


  1. Almost a perfect day (except no strawberries). Cowboy sure is looking good. And I certainly hope you are paying attention to those hints. I'm on Shy's side. Get the deed done! Guess I've got wedding on my mind since Sunday is the big day for our kid.

  2. An awesome day...with my awesome parents - and my husband on the BBQ - LOVE IT! Thanks for posting!