Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Mount Rush Hour

Just one more shot of Houston’s landscape – check out those beautiful blue skies and white puffy clouds.


This was our view yesterday morning, through a dirty windshield, sorry.

Traffic was . . . well, hey it’s Houston!


We’ve passed this statue many times but it’s really difficult to get a good shot of it through the trees from the interstate . . . in a moving vehicle. Here’s a little better shot . . .


Mount Rush Hour

Mount Rush Hour

A Lone-Star-State-skewed version of Mount Rushmore, placed by sculptor David Adickes (who has built other big things in Texas) at a notorious Houston bottleneck.

Giant busts of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Sam Houston, and Stephen Austin give morning commuters something to look at as they creep into downtown from the northwest suburbs. Across the bases it is labeled: "A Tribute to American Statesmanship."

So while you're caught in an interminable traffic snarl, gaze into the patient gaze of any of our hero Statesmen and still your rage. But if you want to admire the sculptures up close, you have to get off of the freeway.

Cowboy’s blood work completed – doesn’t even take long enough for me to barely start a conversation with anyone in the waiting room I don't know smile.

Dr. S’s efficient Clinical Nurse Linda spent quite a bit of time with us going over the results. Leaving out the fine details and complicated ratios, calculations and percentages that I would never be able to translate for the purpose of this blog. I can tell you that his white  count, while still low is coming back up. She said that he looked better than she expected although he is slightly dehydrated. On a previous visit we were told the same thing but by drinking just another 8-10 ounces right away would have brought that level up immediately.

With the white count is coming back up she still advised that he stay away from crowds of people or places where there could be any contact with germs risking chances of infection. Even though his immune system is being built back up it his body needs to be stronger in order to fight off any bad bacteria.

For any of you medical specialists out there (Hi Nancy!) or any of you out there that have any concerns or are thoroughly disgusted with my casual terminology – we have copies of all the reports for your perusal.

Out of 5 he says his throat pain is about a 2 and with medication he’s able to control that. He’s comparing the outside neck burns, which we can see is healing, to the inside burns of his throat.

His weight is at 204 lbs. and while that is a total loss of about 16 pounds it’s not a big concern. Most of his adult life he was about 180-190 and it’s only been since semi-retiring and living this life style that it has crept up to about 220.



Myself and other girlfriends that I’ve chatted with are taking this as another life lesson.



You should always carry around some extra weight in order to be able to combat whatever may happen.

That’s my story.


  1. I LOVE your life story, Sharon! I think I'll eat desert first, tonight.

    Great news about Cowboy. Does he have to stay away from things like lettuce and fresh produce? My little grand niece does when her count is way down.

    So glad you are keeping us posted. You can breathe and relax, now, and get about your business.

    Loved "Mount Rush Hour"! Houston has a sense of humor! Take care and blog soon.

    1. Shoot...brain cramp. "life lesson". Good lord, my brain has run off on me.

  2. Pass me some desert. It's just past breakfast time here. Thrilled to hear the Cowboy is starting to heal. Looking forward to your continued posts on here. (((((hugs)))))

  3. You are on the downhill side now and I can hardly wait til we get to that point. Jim has lost some weight also but that's a good thing because he put on some pounds (me too) when we started this lifestyle. Eating is a big part of RVing. So glad to hear all the good news. Keep it up.

  4. For the Cowboy and his Princess...Thanks for sharing so much detail and keeping it real.
    You made me laugh you made me cry, but through this all you told no lies.

    You can stand out on that highway
    Look as far as you can see
    But when you get to that horizon
    There's always someplace else to be
    But don't you stop to look behind you
    'Cause you've got some travelin' left to do
    It's all up to you.

    Luv ya and miss ya both.
    See you around the bend,