Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pioneer Woman Wannabe

This is exactly what the title says so if you aren’t into food and eating then just stop reading and go on back to your cocktail. Martini glass

We are enjoying an appointment-free day today so while The Cowboy was busy doing this:


I decided to play Pioneer Woman.

This Quiche is one of our family’s favorite dishes. When I was a working Mom I didn’t have as much time as I do now so it was usually saved for special occasions. If I couldn’t wait any longer for my family to get out of bed on Christmas morning the aroma this creates brought them to the kitchen pretty quickly.

It’s a Bisquick recipe so it forms it’s own crust.


The basic recipe calls for 6 slices of bacon and one onion.

There will be a copy of the full recipe at the bottom of this post.


Drain and place in the bottom of a good-sized pie plate. My large Pyrex dish works perfect for this.

Mix together 3 eggs, 3/4 cup of Bisquick, 1-3/4 cup of milk, salt and pepper. We love fresh ground pepper!



Any day that I get to use my whisk is gonna be a good day!

What’s your favorite utensil?






 Pour this over the bacon, onion and oops!  . . .






the 2 cups of grated cheese that I forgot to add on top of the bacon and onions.

Ah, Well!


This recipe is so forgiving and so versatile. You can use ham, sausage or any type of leftover meat like chicken. I always have Cheddar cheese on hand but again just use up whatever you have in your fridge. Feta or Monterey Jack kicks it up a notch too.

Oh and this is what happens when you don’t re-close the Bisquick package:


So while the quiche was baking away in the oven I (vacuumed) and made up this favorite Caesar Salad dressing that our sweet niece Roxane turned me on to. While it’s not totally from scratch the flavor sure belies that fact and it’s so simple to make.


  • 1 Cup Hellman’s
  • 1 Tbsp lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp parmesan cheese
  • 1 Tbsp chopped/minced garlic
  • 1 Tbsp ground pepper

I always add lots more of the last 3 ingredients. I like to make up a big batch and it stores in the fridge for a good month to 6 weeks. I buy Parmesan in bulk, grate it and store it for future use.

Another little known fact that was recently brought to my attention – my friend Bonnie who lived full time on their boat for about 7 years (plus are now part time RV’ers) passed this little nugget on to me. Most condiments do not need to be refrigerated . . . including mayonnaise. Now that information is so important to those of us whose fridges are not residential sizes. So I’ve been testing this and so far . . . it seems to be working . . . at least I’m living to tell you about it. I don't know smile I’m very careful and use only clean utensils each time I scoop mayo from the container and by not letting any other food or bacteria come in contact with the contents.



This is another item that is always on my pantry shelf. It’s a great crunchy topping for casserole, soups or salads.

Sam’s Club (in the Valley) sells these 1-1/2 lb. bags for less than $6.00.  Ka-Ching!



In Canada the price is about $3.00 for 6 or 8 ounces and yes, (a note to my family) I’m bringing a supply home for you as your souvenirs.


While I was dishing this up (and this is a full size dinner plate) The Cowboy asked ‘Just how many people are you planning on feeding anyway?’


Just You Honey. Just You.

Thanks again for stopping by and reading our post.




400^ 30 – 40 minutes

6 slices bacon

1 onion

Fry then mix with 2 cups grated cheese in pie plate

1-1/3 cups milk

3 eggs

¾ C. Bisquick

Salt & Pepper

Beat until almost smooth then pour in pie plate

Top with 1 cup cheese after 30 minutes then cook until cheese melts



  1. I read this post as I was eating my ALL BRAN NOT FAIR! Miss your cooking Mom! and Yes I do expect my bag of French Fried Onions and some bulk feta cheese when you get bak here! Love you! (and got a good one better marry her soon so she doesn't get away) LOL

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