Friday, March 16, 2012

Saddling Up!

We all know that most men don’t like to be fussed over, nagged, doted on or mothered and smothered. The Cowboy is just one of those very men!  I’m pleased to say that I haven’t had to do any of that. The Cowboy has been so pro-active in the preventative measures that the staff at MD advised him to do.


Side effects are always present in any type of medicine and MD has armed with a lot of information to ensure that we keep these usually undesirable effects to a minimum.


Last week before the treatments even started he began incorporating new habits into his daily routine. The radiation will be focused around his neck area and he may experience a burning sensation on his neck as well as sores or dry mouth. These are easily remedied with daily applications of Aquaphor ointment (again, MD’s recommendation) on his neck and daily mouthwashes with a baking soda mixture.



These are a few of the items we’ve added to our arsenal.


One of their main concerns is loss of appetite and dehydration.  Being a typical Cowboy, he is not a water drinker unless it contains coffee, cream & sugar. Caffeine is fine as long as it isn’t more than 1/2 of his suggested daily intake of 64 ounces. He has been making a very conscientious effort to include other liquids – by adding a few flavor crystals to his water. Protein drinks (chocolate or vanilla) not only taste good but also give him a good hit of protein . . . about 32 grams in 12 ounces of water!

He’s keeping a daily journal and has repeatedly exceeded his daily requirement by at least 30 ounces


Today was another early morning . . . we were up well before BCOD (Butt Crack of Dawn)!! 6:40 AM Radiation, 9:00 AM Speech Therapist (for throat and swallowing exercise review) and 11:30 for Dental Oncology. We left home about 5:50 AM and landed back here about 2:30 PM. We did have a couple of short stops to make but it was another long day.

P1170853 P1170854
P1170856 P1170857

Hard to imagine how other patients handle all of this with their other life obligations . . . those with jobs or young children at home. Fortunately, we are retired and able to focus our energies on making sure The Cowboy wins this battle.


Another schedule The Cowboy has been making a very conscious effort at keeping is his throat and neck exercises. He has a daily check list for routines he needs to do in the morning, at noon and in the evening.


I’m so very proud of him, I haven’t had to nag remind him of any of these precautionary steps. He really is ‘Saddling Up’!

Just one more flower photo – and these were all taken today.


There’s signs of a past bloom on the left, the beautiful rose in it’s present state and altho’ it’s difficult to make out, there is a future bud on the right. How cool is that?

This seems to be so routine at the end of every post but we just can’t Thank You enough for your wonderful comments and words of encouragement.

God Bless All of You. We Love You!


  1. Beautiful flower pictures. Glad you're taking time to stop and smell the roses!! Long days to be sure and so glad the Cowboy is taking the bull by the horns, so to speak. God bless.

  2. So proud of you, Dad. Then again I know you never do anything "half-arsed!" Thankful to know things are going well & that you have the support you need & deserve with such a strong, lovely lady by your side! Miss you terribly but hope we'll talk & see each other soon. Don't ever forget. Love always, GEB

  3. Sounds like you married a wonderful guy, and he's awfully lucky to have you by his side, too.

    When my brother-in-law was going through radiation and chemo, he got the sores in the mouth. They told him to gargle with Pepto Bismol, and it helped him. Thought I'd mention it just in case you want to put it in your arsenal.

    Cowboy is not only a courageous man, but he's a smart man. My thoughts are with him every day. Thanks for keeping us posted--even without meeting, personally, I care and I look for your posts to see how it's going.

  4. While none of this surprises me about my brother in-law, it still needs to be said how proud I am of him (and my sister). A lessor person may have took the pity trail and possibly regretted doing so. Keep up the battle Ron and show this sickness you are the better person.
    My strength is your strength and your strength is my pride in you.
    You have and always will be the big brother I am proud to call as such.
    Walk in the sun and rest at night ...oh if life was so simple.
    Luv ya "Cowboy",

  5. It took me time to read all the tips, but I clearly loved the post. It proved to be very helpful to me and I'm certain to all of the commenters here!

  6. Glad to hear that the Cowboy continues to do well managing his treatments. Our prayers and thoughts continue for you both and for his speedy recovery.