Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Not just a number

Overcast and foggy but traffic wasn’t quite as congested as Monday.

Our first appointment wasn’t quite as early; I didn’t have to get up at dark-thirty or whatever the heck the time was.


P1170540 P1170541

10 cents difference in about 3 minutes of travel time ?!?!

Tuesday morning’s 8:45 meeting was with another PH.D in the Head and Neck Centre followed by an EKG at 10:15 AM in the Diagnostic Centre. This place is huge and they have 3 main elevator areas A, B or C and they are all clearly marked . There’s always enough time to get where you need to be and even enough time in case you get lost. Actually, I’d be the one that gets lost. Most of our meetings are either on the 2nd or the 10th floor and whenever we get on the elevator I never know if we’re going up or down. Most of the time it doesn’t matter ‘cuz I’ll just ride until I land on the right one.

The morning meetings ended with an MD at 11:00 AM however we needed to be back at 7:00 in the evening for a CT neck and chest scan in the Diagnostic Imaging Centre.

Again, everyone has been very compassionate and we’ve never felt that we are just another number or just another patient. They make us feel that we are the only reason they are there. We always receive their utmost attention.

Throughout the days and evenings there are volunteers that offer coffee or specialty teas. I so enjoy a cup of tea that someone else makes for me.

In this waiting area for the CT examination’s there is a large, about 2’ X 4’ electronic board that shows the status of each patient:

P1170559 P1170562

It shows the status or you can do a search to see the status of the patient i.e. being prepared, ready for exam or if the exam has started. Amazing high tech equipment in all areas. Or at least we are impressed, keeping in mind that we haven’t had much experience (fortunately) in this industry.

Today’s appointments started with a speech appraisal consultation with another doctor.


She gave The Cowboy some different foods to swallow so she could appraise his swallowing. I think he had applesauce and fruit cocktail.

The next photo looks like The Cowboy is telling her that he’s now an expert in all of this medical stuff because he has the internet and he knows how to ‘Google’. Plus we always watch the TV series ‘House, MD'. Winking smile


Seriously, I hope this depicts how sincere and compassionate all of these specialists have been.

All of these meetings are in preparation for whatever decision is made as far as treatment is concerned. Once the type of treatment is determined The Cowboy will be ready for any and all types. One of the doctors told him yesterday that they were either going to”‘Fry him, Poison him or Cut him” meaning either Laser, Chemo/Radiation or Surgery. With having all of these procedures done ahead of time he will ‘have his foot in the door’.

The next shot is another very personable assistant demonstrating a prototype of a shield that he will be required to wear during any radiation treatments.


When she asked The Cowboy if he was claustrophobic he assured her that he wasn’t as long as he wasn’t in a small room or didn’t feel closed in. He also told her he didn’t have a fear of heights unless he was standing at the top of a ladder. Surprised smile !!!!!!


Cup of Tea anyone?


  1. Looks like you guys find all the best places to have lunch! But seriously, our prayers are with you; God's been guiding to the right place :)

  2. So nice to hear of a compassionate and caring team. When you can say you don't feel like a number, you know you have the right people around you. Will be praying for you and the Cowboy.