Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Houston–We got NO problem!

We’ve come to the conclusion that we are not very patient people and that we are not very good contenders in the ‘waiting game’. Waiting to hear from our Doctor’s, waiting to hear where we need to be, what are they going to do, when do we have to move, and on and on and . . .

Please read this previous post to get caught up on the events.

We finally got word today from M D Anderson in Houston and a 6:30am appointment has been set for next Monday. That’s 6:30 AM! You know the first one, before the birds get up.

It’s been a very stressful time these last few days but finally we have a time and place. While there are still a lot of ‘unknowns’, at least we have a goal.

We have been tying up our loose ends down here in the valley. We have passed on our MASA commitments to our co-workers and they are currently looking after the presentations that we had previously set up. Everyone has been very supportive and we are so grateful for their help.

We will be leaving here on Saturday to head to All Star RV Resort in Houston where we have booked a site for a week. It’s about 350 miles from here which means about a 7 hour drive. (and the little Mexican isn’t driving) The park is near the Centre and there are several daily shuttle buses to and from the park. There are several parks in this area and they all cater to and give priorities to anyone staying there that is seeking medical treatment. The only big snag we encountered was that the twenty one day Houston Livestock and Rodeo is starting on Saturday February 25th to March 18th so most of the parks are slammed full to the brim! However, we were able to wrangle our way in to what sounds like a real nice site with tons of amenities (and we all know it’s about the Princess’ comforts).

Take a look at the entertainment line up. This is ONE HUGE event.clip_image002

Again, how lucky are we? Others would have to worry about flights and hotel rooms while all we need to do is take a drive and our home with all of its comforts will be right there with us.

Our contact at M D Anderson has advised us to schedule 3-5 business days there for any procedures and follow up so our week’s reservation should allow us ample time and who knows maybe we’ll get a chance to see some of the rodeo events.

From there our plans are to travel to one of our ROD membership parks, Castaways RV Park, a short jaunt from the Centre. We can stay there for 2-3 weeks if need be. Depending on the weather and again, some of those ‘unknowns’, we will start our journey north to Ontario from there. I know many of you reading this will be happy to know that.

Several of you have asked about our health coverage – The Cowboy is a US resident and became eligible for Medicare last July when he turned 65 so his medical expenses are covered.

We are fine and have everything we need so rest assured and please don’t worry about us. As many of you know and have expressed that we have each other and our love will see us through.

A wise old gentleman once told me; “TO MAKE A GOOD FRIEND YOU NEED TO BE A GOOD FRIEND”. We really don’t know what we did or how we ever managed to hold such GREAT friends as you all. Our hearts are so full and we both get very emotional each time we think about all of you. "MAY GOD BLESS” you and yours because you have sure BLESSED us with your friendship. The Cowboy.


  1. How wonderful that you were able to get in the park so close to the center. Prayers going your way.

  2. Somehow I missed last night's blog so went back to read. So sorry to hear of the Cowboy's diagnosis but know you will have the best of care. Praying for the very best outcome for him. Glad you have things a little more settled and have found a nice place to stay. You will be in my prayers - and I mean that literally!

  3. First off... How cool is it you have a blog (didn't know about it 'til email was sent LOL). Second, Wow I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis but feel optimistic about the outcome as I know both of you are strong fighters!! I will certainly be following up on your blog to keep up-to-date on everything!! Can't wait to see you when you get back to Ontario! You'll be in my thoughts and prayers.

  4. Wish I could be by your side for this part of your trip. (and to check out some of the awesome bands playing at that rodeo!) Will be praying for you both and for warmer weather so the RV can head Northbound ASAP!

  5. So sorry u are having to go thru all of this. Thinking of you both and prayers your way!!

  6. You are in our prayers every night and we know you will get through this, you have a lot of friends praying for you.
    Elsie and Lew