Sunday, February 26, 2012

En route to Houston

So after our last post I remembered a couple of things that happened along the way.

It was cold and raining but we had a planned fuel stop at the nearby Flying J. I mention this because the current gas prices seem to be a popular topic among travelers right now. Price of diesel in Edinburg $3.969.

Like many others, we have a Flying J or Pilot (whatever it’s called now) Loyalty Card so we try to take advantage of any type of savings especially when we are talking about a 100 gallon tank. Well, I think it is more of a pain – The Cowboy inserts his debit card, then the Loyalty Card and pumps $75.00 – because that’s the limit! That gave him 18.896 gallons so he repeats the process for another $75.00 and 18.896 gallons. Did I mention that we’re looking at a 100 gallon tank? So same process for the 3rd time with the same results.

You also need to know that we are at the RV/Car pumps where the nozzles are much smaller than the Truck area nozzles so it’s taking forever. Satisfied that we have ample diesel to get us to Houston we hit the road.

Oh yeah . . . Loyalty Card Savings $1.11 . . . Big Whoop!


Organized people are just too lazy to look for things. . .

I’ll refer back to this post where The Cowboy worked so diligently at removing our dining table and replacing it with this wonderful desk . . .which I love.


Well, as with a lot of our DIY jobs – the finishing touches kinda get lost in our ever-busy lives.

We purchased and still have the drawer pulls and door closures that will be installed . . . sometime.

Not a problem until yesterday when the motorhome was actually rolling down the highway just the way it was intended. Most of you RV’ers know that drawers and cabinets in RV’s are designed to stay closed either with a magnet or a little groove that requires you to lift up in order to open thereby ensuring that they won’t come open during travel.

So, any of you see where I’m headed with this?

While readying for our trip we had the forethought to place the printer on the floor in front of the two larger drawers (thankfully); we didn’t think to either tape or secure the top drawers from sliding out.

Happily, wheels rolling down the freeway we encounter a curve or two and yes the drawers slid out a ways but seemed okay as they soon righted themselves. We didn’t have to wait only just a few minutes for a very long and winding curve and the drawers slid completely out of the cabinets.

Now just try to imagine . . . paper clips. staples, pens, pencils, markers, push pins, elastics, envelopes and every other little office supply that would have been well organized in little trays and sorted in their little slots and containers . . . spilled all over the floor. Oh! And not just one drawer but both! They were about the only two drawers in our home that were that well organized! Sorry, no pics, I was too busy wiping tears – and not the happy kind.

Ah, well, I guess if those two incidents we encountered were our major issues of the day we’re pretty happy campers.


From the very bottom of our hearts - Thanks to all of you for all of you beautiful and thoughtful comments. We so appreciate all of your prayers . . . God Bless You All.


  1. Definitely not worth the Loyalty Card hassle. We've all had things fall out of cabinets - mine was peanut brittle that shattered all over and under the slides. It was months before we finally got it all cleaned up.

  2. We have found that if I take the card into the cashier and stand there while John fills the rig, they will set it for unlimited gas/diesel to be pumped. Makes it much nicer.

  3. Can't stop giggling about this MOm! sorry but I can almost hear you grumbling from here :) But you are right...If that is the WORST part of your day - that's a pretty good day!

  4. Can't stop giggling about this MOm! sorry but I can almost hear you grumbling from here :) But you are right...If that is the WORST part of your day - that's a pretty good day!