Monday, January 16, 2012

Whatever The Princess wants . . .

I spend waaaay toooo much time reading other RV’er blogs and websites. That’s probably the reason I don’t post on our own blog as often as I should.

They, so willingly, share their travels and daily activities online with the rest of the world. They also contribute with their wonderful photography. Through their blogs we find the best (and worst) places to eat and shop.

But I especially enjoy reading about their renovations and decorating ideas.

Shortly after we arrived down here in the Valley The Cowboy was anxious to start on some of the projects we had in mind to make our home ‘Ours’.


This was our dining area. Very nice chairs and beautiful Corian table. All very nice but we never used it – at least, not as a dining table. We have a wonderful drop leaf oak coffee table that adjusts to dining table height. That table seats up to 6 guests quite nicely.

What we needed I wanted was an office space. You should all know by now that what The Princess wants . . .

Maybe it comes from all those years of working in an office and sitting behind a desk but I feel more organized and productive if my work space is ergonomically correct. I know they’re called Laptops but mine just isn’t that comfortable on my lap.

So . . . out with the old.

DSC_0439 DSC_0440

We had two mis-matched filing cabinets on either side of the table which our neighbors were happy to recycle for us.

Then a shopping trip to Lowe’s was the order of the day:


The Cowboy carefully measuring and making the necessary adjustments to make it all fit together.


Measuring Twice . . . Cutting Once!


Lookin’ pretty good . . .and how lucky am I to have such a wonderful handyman?


After installing the pre-made cabinets and pre-cut counter top (backsplash removed). . .


and adding a swivel counter-height stool that we picked up at a thrift store it’s really coming together nicely.


Coffee station all set up on one end and our printer/copier set up (temporarily for the winter) on the other end leaving lots of room for a nice working space with a great view for me.


So while The Cowboy was hard at it . . . this is what I was up to:


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  1. I love the new desk area. We don't use our table much either except for a collector. And I, too, spend way too much time reading blogs. I used to try to comment on every blog but I've just run out of time. But I still read all of them. And I'm also lucky - married to a guy who can do just about anything. Makes life so much nicer.

  2. Nice you have a handyman around. Russ's dad could make anything...but I think he forgot to pass that particular gene on to his son!! I like the looks of your work space. The Cowboy did a great job.