Sunday, January 29, 2012

E-Cigarettes Care and Maintenance

Follow up from The Cowboy . . .

Well it has been 3 months now since my last cigarette. It is the first time in 50 years that I haven’t stunk of tobacco and with the E-cig it has been easy. Some may say that I am cheating and that’s true. I am cheating the devil out of his dues, the monkey is off my back and I haven’t felt this healthy since prom night. I have learned a few things about these E-cig’s, they do require some minor maintenance and I thought I would share with you.

The e-cig is basically made up of three components; the battery to supply power, the atomizer to super heat the liquid and the cartridge that holds the liquid.



In the E-cig world the batteries have a life span of approximately 6 months for a heavy “Vapor” that is constantly recharging them. They are a bit delicate so dropping them is a little hard on them. Inside the battery compartment is a mini board that turns the power on and shuts it off after the “Drag” is finished. The wiring inside is very fine and is soldered together by little tiny “Keebler Elves” with little tiny blow torches. I have one that wants to stay on all the time.


The atomizer contains a very small coil of wire (same Keebler Elves) and this is the part that super heats the liquid using the power from the battery. This little element gets really hot in a hurry. The harder and longer you drag on the E-cig the hotter this element gets. It can burn out or partially burn out. This will result in less or no vapor and a very unhappy user.

There are a couple of things that you can do to get better performance and longer life from your atomizers. First understand the e-liquid does help keep the atomizer cooled. NEVER use it DRY. By keeping it well flooded it will perform cooler and longer. The manufacturers advise anyone that is using an E-cig to always have it tipped slightly down. This stops juice from running out of the cartridge into your mouth and it ensures the atomizer is getting the liquid it needs to work. After you have filled your cartridge with liquid applying 2 drops directly inside the atomizer will give you a wonderful “HIT” and ensure the atomizer is flooded but keep it pointing down.


The E-liquid that we use has flavoring in it and this flavoring has a small amount of sweetener. This sweetener can burn and buildup on the coil inside the atomizer and will plug it over time. I have brought atomizers back to life by cleaning them. I use Isopropyl Alcohol put into a small container.


Place the atomizer in the alcohol and leave overnight. Shake it around once in a while. Take the atomizer out of the alcohol and blow it out by mouth. It tastes like the Keebler Elves left a little deposit for you. Let it dry for at least 4 hours then attach your battery,


Fill the cartridge with liquid and drip 3 drops of liquid directly on the sides inside the atomizer. Allow it to set for about 1 minutes so the liquid coats the inside of the atomizer and you are ready to go. I try to do this with mine about every week.


You might think these things are pretty straight forward and they are BUT you do need to learn how to fill them completely. When you are adding liquid to the cartridge add only one drop at a time and add it to the side with the cartridge turned upside down. By adding the liquid to only one side it allows the air to escape slowly from the other side and ensuring the cartridge is full. If you just squirt it in the odds are you will trap air in the cartridge and you could “Dry fire” the atomizer and burn it up. The absorbent material in the cartridge that the manufacturer sends with you E-Cig is adequate but there is a method of doing a better one using a “Tetley Tea Bag” I will post information in another Blog.

Enough for now. Got to go get a cookie.

Now don’t forget; Never slap a man who’s chewin’ tobacco.

This is a note from our friend Vicki about her experience with E-Cigs:

No more real smokes for me. Finished my last one on Saturday and was down to maybe one a day. Since I had the real ones I had to smoke them just to get it out of my system and couldn't just throw them away.  Smoked since  I was 16 and was  a pack a day smoker. Never thought I could quite. Tried the drugs and gum with no success. The e-cig seems to be working so far.I love that the house, car and myself does not smell of smoke anymore. I will admit the I had to get the TGO tank from Apollo (company in the States ) it is the Big Daddy. I have this one usually about lunch time. In the morning the 910 that we bought in London is ok but later I NEED the big boy. It give huge smoke and a great throat hit, love love love it. It is much bigger than the 910 and you have to hit a little button but the battery lasts all day and usually only have to refill it once a day also. I have so far figured that the fruity  flavors  e-juices aren't for me. I like the coffee, carmels, buttery ones.  Love the RY4 from Apollo , biscotti blush and waiting for Madvapes to arrive.  I ordered Carmel Cream and Creme brulle  from them in the 30ml size 24 nic. So I guess it is safe to say I am still somewhat experimenting with tastes and company. I agree that MadVapes has the best price so far.  I of the 30mls was $8.00  where as I paid  $10 for 10 mls here.

Any way will let you know  how it goes  and my take on Madvape. I am so proud of Ron , who'd of thought  he would have done so well. The guy that couldn't even stay for the lady to explain it all , to go and have a smoke.!!!! Tags:


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