Saturday, January 7, 2012

Are You Rich?

A very good friend and I had a conversation this past summer. I confided in her what makes me feel rich. It was such a simple thing.

For years we have used Half and Half 10% cream in our coffee. The cowboy likes white sugar in his while I prefer a bit of raw brown sugar.  No, we are not coffee snobs. Well, maybe we are. But that’s not the point.




What makes me feel rich is when we have an ample supply of that 10% cream in our fridge.





When I asked Nancy what makes her feel rich her very immediate, smug response was “ a full tank of gas in my car”.

This makes me wonder what makes others feel ‘rich’?


And not cost a lot of money?


There’s the obvious emotional wealth . . . being surrounded by caring friends and loving family . . . .

Maybe sharing a pot luck dinner or just sitting around a campfire.

Or maybe just spending time outdoors or organizing your home. A clean home can make a huge difference in how you perceive your environment.

How about a full tank of gas in a clean - inside and out - car or motorhome?

A leisurely walk in the park or a nice warm bubble bath in the middle of the afternoon?

The Cowboy & I come from very similar backgrounds, which we both agree, makes for a good foundation for a relationship. We grew up in a simple rural world. Our childhoods were not ideal, but then, who’s childhood is? I’ve always felt that our parents raised us to the best of their ability, they did the best they could with what they had.

One of the lessons we were taught was to work hard for what we wanted – and we still do. Our wants and needs are very simple.

What about you? What makes you feel rich while being frugal? What about cost-free ways to feel rich?

Hand holding wad of cash - A hand holding a wad of cash on...

I’m not looking for all of your indulgences — just the ones that make you feel as if you have a greater disposable income than you really do.

What mini splurges keep you going?

Well, I gotta go now – I just received an email advising that a large inheritance has been left to me and all I have to do is give them my banking information and some identification and they’ll just deposit it in my account. 


  1. Looking out my window at our stix and brix or motorhome and seeing beautiful land. Even though our road has become a busy thoroughfare, our little five acres has a back view that melts my heart. BUT we are going to sell it to have more views out the motorhome windows. Those views change often.

  2. Sounds beautiful Nan. Be sure to take lots of pictures of all the different seasons. That will get you warmed up for the new views from the motorhome.

    Thanks for commenting.


  3. What makes me feel rich - well aside from the long list of intangibles - I guess I could say going out to a great pancake breakfast and ordering whatever I want, including extra bacon for the dogs. I grew up rich in love but poor in the pocketbook and on the rare occasions that we got to eat out, we had to be very careful what we ordered.

  4. Thanks Donna, I love your words - rich in love and poor in pocketbook.

  5. I like clean sheets, clean nightie and clean me! (clean dog too)

  6. Baked Potato with sour cream. When I was young we only had mashed potatoes. Only rich people ate baked potatoes and sour cream was unheard of or so I thought.