Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just another (gorgeous) day in the RGV

A previous post by The Cowboy Click here described his involvement with MASA – Medical Air Services Association.
Below are a few shots of a couple of the Parks or Resorts that he spends his time ‘working’ at Winking smile

This is the pool area near the activity centre at The 4 Seasons in Brownsville.


Beautiful flag display representing some of the home states of their guests.

Nice to see the Big Canadian flag flying proudly in a very prominent space.
Very nice lounging area where The Cowboy was relaxing before his seminar begins at 4:30.
Let’s just zoom in a little on that shot . . .
Almost 80 degrees? Yup, that’s what I thought! Nice!
Sorry for rubbing that in – to all of our family and friends back in Canada. AW Heck! No, I’m not all that sorry Rolling on the floor laughing
Stretching from Brownsville to Zapata, the Rio Grande Valley is home to over some 300 parks and resorts which include retirement communities and subdivisions. The Cowboy’s portion of parks in the Mission/McAllen area encompass about 65 parks.
Whether it be a privately owned park or a resort that is owned by some large conglomerate each park that we visit takes on it’s own personality, much like a small town or village.
DSC_0001 DSC_0002 DSC_0004
Sometimes it noticeable when you drive in or will become more pronounced when you enter their community hall.
I’ve heard many Winter Texans say that they are more socially active down here than they are in their home towns up north in the summer.

Their bulletin boards are filled with activities to sign up for . . . breakfasts, pot luck or dining out with others, jam sessions, card or board games, tours for shopping, casino’s or museums.

Many Winter Texans come down here every year just for the live entertainment. Any day or night of the week you can enjoy live music and/or dancing in many of the parks.

Ladies enjoying a relaxing afternoon playing the real game of MahjongDSC_0008.
While The Cowboy prepares the meeting room for the 85 people that have signed up.
One of the commonalities that all of these parks have is that they are all extremely friendly. We rarely come across any Winter Texans that aren’t willing to chat and share stories of their families and friends back home or all the fun activities they are experiencing down here in The Valley.

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  1. It is comforting to know that even though we aren't able to travel for now, we have MASA that will cover our emergency medical transportation needs. We enjoy your posts and wonderful pictures. :)
    ~Betty and Joe