Thursday, January 19, 2012

Prayers needed

This caught our attention on the local news this morning:

WESLACO - The son of a missing Winter Texan couple says they've dropped off the map. He hasn't heard from them in weeks.

Most Winter Texans ride out the winter months laying low. Police say Linda and Bruce Stewart virtually disappeared. Friends, neighbors, even family members haven't heard from the couple since December.

"They waved, and they're real nice people," says Gary Musgrove, a neighbor.

The couple used a credit card to rent a space at the Snow to Sun RV Park north of Weslaco. Back in Ontario, Canada, Derek Marshal says he can't help but worry about his mother and stepdad.

"Somewhere in the back of my mind, it's telling me something has happened just because it's unlike them not to contact anyone," says Marshal.

Marshal says his mother survived breast cancer and wanted to enjoy her time traveling. She kept family up to date on her Facebook page. Her last post was in late December.

"No calls during Christmas. No calls during on New Year's. You know, they took their canoe with them. I hear they could have gone out on a canoe trip somewhere and maybe gotten lost or maybe had an accident somewhere. Maybe they got into an accident on the highway," says Marshal.

Some friends told investigators the Stewarts wanted to go to Yuma, Ariz.

"There is always a difficulty in it, because the United States is so wide and these people evidently they traveled a lot. So that they're not really in one place ever long enough to set up a pattern of behavior. We're having a hard time tracking them down," says Interim Weslaco police Chief Mike Kelley.

Family members don't want to think the worst. They're holding out hope the couple is alive and well somewhere out on the open road.

Weslaco police put out a statewide alert to help officers track down the missing couple. If you've seen Bruce or Linda Stewart, call 956-968-8477.

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  1. "The Stewarts are traveling in a 2006 gray four-door pickup with Ontario, Canada, license plates, investigators said. The pickup is pulling a trailer, and there should be a red canoe on top of the pickup."