Sunday, January 15, 2012

Family Nostalgia

Looking back over the past year The Cowboy got a little nostalgic so we decided to post a few photos from some of the highlights of our family gatherings from 2011.

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A Christmas card from Shy, our youngest (perhaps not our brightest) and her (Poor) husband Dave along with their cocker spaniel Jesse. (Please note this is an actual card and the characters are very real.)  *Sadly*

Here’s a gingerbread house that Shy created: Her DREAM home.

Redneck Gingerbread House

Shy’s creativity and great sense of taste comes from her Dad’s side.

We did all of our shopping on line this year.

Redneck Doorbell

Good to see the kid’s got their new door bell installed. Dang but those young ‘un’s are hard to buy for. After winning the $7.00 jackpot at Bingo one night they went out and blew it on a lottery ticket and Darn! if they didn’t win that too! They didn’t waste any time splurging on a new car.

Redneck Lottery Winner

Sure makes the neighbours jealous but it looks purdy good parked in the trailer park.

Redneck Lottery Winner on Vacation

Nice lookin’ RV they picked up too for our family vacations.

‘Course they made sure their pets got taken care of too. A new doghouse for the mutts.

Redneck Doghouse

And a handy dandy new cat carrier

Redneck Pet Carrier

We added a couple of guest rooms to our trailer park site – so come on over.

Redneck Guest Bedrooms

Redneck Mailbox




We even have our own mail box:





We’re a lot closer to the lake now which is nice and handy for docking our yacht:

Redneck Yacht

Redneck Newspaper quote

Family Wedding Announcements:

Redneck Engagement Picture

We also had our share of weddings:

Redneck Wedding Photo

along with fancy wedding cakes:

Redneck Wedding Cake

Honeymoon photos: The ones we can share anyway.

Redneck Fashion Statement

A little rain don’t spoil Cowboy and his brothers love fer fishin’!

Redneck - Rain doesn't spoil fishing

Lots of fun ‘n games at the annual Family Reunion:

Redneck Skiing

Redneck Horse Shoes

Redneck Pontoon - Bass Boat

The Cowboy’s hoping that he’ll be able to make a deal with this guy for that great looking Bass Boat.

Redneck Harley

He knows he has to trade off one of these toys in order to be able to afford it tho’!

Redneck Lawn Mower

Lots and Lots of memories. Remember “Everyone can have a HAPPY childhood”. You just have to decide when you want to have yours.

We’re on our second one nowSmileSmileSmile

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