Friday, May 6, 2011

Sweet Pease

This is a story that I relate frequently.
One of our favourite ROD membership parks is The Club at Lake Gaston, West Virginia.This is where we met full-timers Mike & Sandi Pease from Sweet, Idaho in November 2006. They are Thousand Trails members and share a few of our ROD parks.
We were there for a few days while were having some scheduled repairsDSCF3820 to our motorhome in Roanoke, West Virginia. We immediately made a connection, however, we found out that they were leaving within a couple of days. After spending the night around a campfire eating Sandi’s cookies, we knew we wanted to meet up with them again. Sandi bakes some delicious desserts so The Cowboy felt this was a match made in Heaven. We agreed to meet up for the American Thanksgiving holiday at our next stop which was another of our favourites Spirit of the Suwannee Music Park.
Dennis & Diane McCanna, our friends from Brunswick, Georgia joined us for the holiday weekend and we all had a great time. The McCanna’s deserve a post of their own
Suwanee Music Park is a very large, very busy park that host’s a lot of bands and reservations are required, well in advance, to guarantee a site.

We certainly didn’t lack for entertainment there  - they were hosting an antique farm equipment show that weekend with several concerts in the evenings.
If my memory recalls this was the moment that Sandi realized the guys were independently enjoying themselves and we were left to our own devices. (read: shopping in the quaint little shops Winking smile)
There’s also an area where people who are travelling with their horses can also be accommodated. Nature at it’s best with small farm animals showing off for us and maybe just a little bit nervous at Thanksgiving time?
DCP_4085 During the day the weather was perfect for exploring the many hiking paths
and the campfires in the evening set the mood for either swapping lies

or roasting hot dogs.
There is so much to see and do at this wonderful park but I digress.
This post started out with Mike & Sandi and I did have a point to make.
When we left Suwanee a few days later we promised to keep in touch. Again, Thank You Verizon!
We did in fact keep in touch as we spent Christmas & New Years together and quite a few other times over the course of that winter while we enjoyed the Sunshine State. We even made sure our paths crossed at Easter.
There are many more stories that include Mike & Sandi, not only in Florida, Texas & Arizona – but they also joined us in our home province of Ontario during the summer of 2008.
Now I know you thought I’d forgotten . . . but my point is:
We were 2 couples from totally different sides of the country that met when we were both travelling hundreds of miles away from our birthplace and became lifelong friends.
Today we are grateful for Mike & Sandi’s friendship and all of the wonderful lifelong friends we’ve made.

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