Monday, May 2, 2011

Donkey Wonkies in Brunswick, Georgia

Once upon a time, longer ago than each of them care to remember, The Cowboy & Dennis McCanna worked together and although there have been lapses they have continued to stay in touch. They always seem to find something to talk about and you can just bet that the conversation will include the words: amps, volts & watts!
In the fall of 2006, our 2nd year of full-timing, we stopped to visit Dennis & Diane in Brunswick, Georgia on our way to Florida. They generously offered up their driveway and more than ample hook ups making our stay very comfortable.
Located on the inter-coastal waterways of Georgia this was the gorgeous view from a rear patio.
Dennis & Diane are excellent hosts plus they share a passion for cooking so not only were we very comfortable, we were extremely well fed. This is a (somewhat dark) photo showing a very small portion of the ‘Man Kitchen’ located in the bottom level of their home. Here you’ll be pleasantly greeted with the aroma of something marinating, smoking, or simmering with special spices and home made rubs or sauces.
Don’t ya just Love a Man in the kitchen?  Flirt male



A real ‘man’ meal all prepared by Dennis. Smoked pork with dressing, seasoned green beans and baked potatoes – Yum!


Diane created this wonderful clam based seafood pasta dish. Lotsa Shrimp!
We did take some time out from eating to explore this beautiful area.
One of the attractions very nearby was St Simon Island.


Reeking in history this island is home to quite a few well-to-do residents including retired professional athletes and political figures. Rumour has it that Oprah has a home there too but I wasn’t able to come up with any resources to back that up. Dennis did share some very interesting stories about the G8 conference held there a few years ago.
The McCannas joined us a week or so later for Thanksgiving at Suwanee with Mike & Sandi.
Since our visit with them back in ‘06 a few developments have taken place in Dennis & Diane’s life. Perhaps influenced by our full timing life style they sold their home and by early 2007 purchased a new Fleetwood Discovery motorhome and have enjoyed travelling across the US.
Trust me - whether influenced by our life style or not you can be sure that any decision Dennis makes is not made without carefully analyzing, re-analyzing and diligently researching every aspect of his subject.
Currently they are in Tallahassee, Florida where Diane continues to work as a psychiatrist for the VA. They are waiting for the final details of her transfer to Harlingen, TX which is about 20 miles from our Texas winter location. From Snow Birds to Winter Texans. No strangers to the Rio Grande Valley as they spent some time with us there a couple of years ago on their way to California.
Seems appropriate to close this post with yet . . . . more food!
This was The Cowboy’s contribution and Dennis’s introduction to an appetizer creation that I think we finally ended up naming ‘Donkey Wonkies’. Call them what ya want - they are awesome! Consisting of hot peppers and creamed cheese wrapped in bacon and served warm. Not sure if it’s the different textures or the warmth of the bacon and coolness of the cream cheese. Just make lots!
You can find the recipe for these plus many others on the McCannas website at Check it out for great photos of their beautiful motorhome, their travels, RV tips and lots of other ‘well researched’ information. Dennis has done such a great job at creating this website, believe me, you will be entertained.
You’ll read more about Dennis & Diane in other posts on this blog . . . in 2008 they made the big trip to Canada and spent some time with us ‘Down on the Farm’.
We’re looking forward to making more memories this winter in the big ol’ state of Texas and you can be sure that there will be lots of good food involved.
Today I’m grateful for new and old friends and for ‘Real Men’ who spend time in the kitchen.

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