Friday, May 20, 2011

Back at the Whyte House

Jack & Bonnie are friends dating back to our boating days in the 80’s. Back in the 90’s they literally ‘took the plunge’ – selling their business and their home with plans to sail around the world. They didn’t exactly sail around the world but they did spend about 7 years living full time on their boat(s) in some very interesting places.


Christmas Day 2009 at Victoria Palms

I’m encouraging Bonnie to start a blog and when she does she can fill you in on all of their (mis)adventures in those tropical places and the exciting experiences they encountered during that time.

They are now living in a beautifully landscaped heritage home in Wortley Village in London, Ontario.

We’ve reunited during the last few years as they have become motorhome owners and travel quite extensively throughout the year. Their first RV was a Tiffin Allegra which must have given them the bug and they have recently become the proud owners of a beautiful Country Coach.


Their travels often take them through Texas as they like to travel in Mexico as well as the other southwestern states. Whenever we can we get together in the Valley and have had shared many memorable fun times . . .

. . . .usually involving food:



Lin’s - Our favourite Chinese buffet in the Valley.





Or Taco Cabana for Mexican. We often relate this event to our friends – The 4 of us ordered large combo plates with enchiladas, tacos, rice & beans, with all the trimmings and 5 margaritas and the total bill was $19 & change!



Cowboy lunch at the  Chicken House Opry.

Everything tastes better eaten outside!

Here Bonnie shows off her culinary skills – New Years Day Dinner.


The Southern Tradition for New Years Day dinner consists of Pork for health, Cabbage for money and Black eyed peas or lentils for luck.

This tradition varies depending on the area.

Next to eating . . . . We Love to Shop!

Or at least Bonnie & I do. And we especially enjoy Thrift Stores or what’s known in the valley as Ropa Stores.


Large department stores often ship large volumes of returned or discontinued items to these Ropa Stores. Shoppers just wade through these mountains of clothes, bedding, towels, etc. filling  up bags and pay 50 cents (+/-) a pound. A few of the stores have retail areas set up with items on hangers or at least a little better displayed. In order to move these mounds they use a forklift to shake things up a little. I’ve zoomed in on the above photo to give you a better idea.




While we girls love to shop, Jack & The Cowboy enjoy talking ‘everything RV’!  Amps, Volts & Watts again plus Poly Glo, tire pressure, yada, yada, yada . . .


Creating more memories at The Kite Festival at South Padre Island. This is a national competition and kite fliers from all over the country show up for this major event.


Any of these photos simply do not do this display justice. For perspective if you look at the bottom of the above photo and compare the size of the spectators to the size of the ginormous kites.  We always enjoy this event and try to attend every year.

What is clear in the photos is the weather. It was cold and we were freezing!


Obviously the cool temperatures didn’t prevent us from having lotsa laughs!

We’re looking forward to making more memories this upcoming winter. Word has it their compass heading is set for South to the RGV in Texas.

Today I’m grateful for reunions with people we proudly call ‘Great Friends’. Tags: ,,,

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