Thursday, May 5, 2011

Down on the Farm

The Cowboy’s Dad, Lyle, has owned this farm property near Lake Erie between Port Burwell & Port Rowan for the last few years. Rich in memories this 110 acre homestead has been in the family for 3 generations.  This farmland, originally used for growing tobacco, has been rented out to a local Mennonite family for the last few years. They rotated crops of cucumbers and tomatoes while the house has remained empty.
Pretty much every summer we have taken our motorhome there for a while and enjoyed the serenity of the rural area.
In 2008 we held our own little RV rally there where we were joined by our friends Mike & Sandi, Dennis & Diane and . Dave & Shy brought their little Boler for a few days too.
Dwight & Elaine drove down from Orillia with their 40’ Mobile Suites 5th wheel towed by their Freightliner truck which makes them about 65’ travelling down the road.

As an added bonus, they towed along their grandchildren JustinP1010750& Bobby Jo, who really are as sweet as they look. Among other things they were kept busy climbing trees and picking berries
Mike & Sandi found a spot for their 40’ Monaco Dynasty motorhome

and their travelling companions Wrangler, on the left, better known as Chooch and Dakota – Teacup Chihuahuas.
Dennis & Diane ventured up from New York to join us in their 40’ Fleetwood Discovery. Their very first trip to Canada!
I can’t seem to find any photos of Shy & Dave with their Boler but you can read all about it on her blog ______________________Let me clarify that – I was able to locate a lot of pictures but they’re all taken when we were working on it!
Over the course of the time that we spent on the farm in ‘08 we had several visitors, some for an afternoon, others stayed a bit longer.

The Cowboy’s brother, Blaine & his wife Julie with Mike & Chooch.


     Sister-In-Law Carol


Aunt Verna enjoying some pig tails. Hey! We’re down on the farm!


My sister Brenda and my nephew Aaron.

My brother Ken & Mary Ann and my niece Caitie.
Shy & Dave sharin’ the soup pot.
Justin, my sister Brenda’s oldest son and his beautiful wife Lindsay, more about Justin the professional ATV rider and his sweet youngun’s               in another post.
Have you noticed the theme here? Most of the photos are taken around the dining room table.
Well, when there wasn’t enough room around that table we set up another table in the living room.
When there wasn’t enough room around a table – Just pull up a lawn chair and enjoy!
And then there were some of us who couldn’t wait to get a spot at the table . . .
While these guys look like they are really interested in the food – trust me, they are really thinking about miles per gallon, gross weight, diesel or gas, amps, volts and watts!
There were many ‘Happy Hours’ enjoyed around this table . . .
We served breakfast  . . .
lunch & dinner to anyone who happened to be there . . .
When we weren’t eating we entertained ourselves with many other activities . . . trekking around the fields  . . .
Creating new memories or . . .
recalling old ones.

Preparing for the Olympics while honing our skills at Redneck Golf
P1010728  P1010738
while some of the spectators watched in awe . . .
others . . . not so much!
Practicing our golf swings


While there’s always work to be done


There’s also 60’s songs to be sung Note

This was just a sample of some of the fun times we had in the summer of ‘08 down on the farm. We hope everyone that visited us there took home some good memories. I know we did.
Sadly, the farm was sold in April 2010.
We will always cherish the many times we spent down there with our friends and family.The wonderful memories are etched in our hearts forever.
The Cowboy has many great childhood experiences that I hope he will share in this blog at some time.

Today I am grateful for big ole farmhouses
with large dining room tables.

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