Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Chicken House Opry

Yup! Just as corny as it sounds. Straight outta the Ozarks - What a Hoot!
The Chicken House Opry was conceived by Bob Reed in 1996. ‘The Chicken House’ features the best in music and side splittin’ comedy, geared for people of all ages. “We love to watch people laugh”
pooty cutie
“Great music & comedy is good for the soul as everyone knows.” The Chicken House Opry Show is in Mission, Texas in the winter months, in Mountain View, Arkansas in April and October of each year and ‘on the road’ the other months. Members of the cast have won more national awards than any other comedy & music show in America. It’s been said by many people that this show would be worth $120 per ticket on Broadway. Reed’s response: “A 3rd of that is too much considering all the fun we have on stage!”
Our friends Jack & Bonnie Whyte joined us for this fun venture. We paid quite a bit less than $120 . . . come to think of it I think we paid about 1/3 of that for all 4 of us!
Waiting for the ‘curtain’ to rise . . .
Quite an elaborate setting  . . .
Wait . . . did I say ‘elaborate’?
I really think I meant ‘Hokey’ Open-mouthed smile
Check out this fella’s mobile phone. Crazy characters and zany acts kept us entertained. Not to discredit the show, but it doesn’t take a lot to entertain us. It was great fun and we will return.
Lunch was served before the show – the Cowboy lunch included pork on a bun, coleslaw, beans, chips and a choice of coffee or soft drinks all for the exorbitant price of 2 meals for 5 bucks! If that didn’t fill ya up they offered up delicious desserts like fresh peach cobbler with ice cream.
Perfect weather, super food & entertainment enjoyed with Good Friends!
It just doesn’t get any better than this!
Today I’m grateful for the many awesome ways to spend a day in Texas – in January Sun

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