Monday, May 9, 2011

Phaeton Bedroom Update

This is what the bed looked like: dull & drab


then we added our own pillows and changed out the bedspread.

The Cowboy actually found this one & I think it looks great- following the leaf theme in the rest of the motorhome.


However, I wanted a punch of colour so I took two of those dull beige cushions


and laid each of them out on a very large, bright red scarf from Dollarama


gathered up the 4 corners to the top


secured with an elastic


and it looked like this


which resulted in the dramatic splash that I was hoping for.

A couple of artificial red roses incorporated into the valances


would have made my Mom, the Official Plastic Queen of Port Rowan,    very proud Red rose.

Two black picture frames with black & white photos were attached with velcro to the walls to complete the look.


There’s still a couple of things I’d like to do. I think those valances would look nicer done up with some of the black fabric that I have. We’ll just save that for another rainy day.

The bottom quarter of the comforter is a solid colour – dark charcoal gray and not the leaf pattern. . . limited space with a wide angle lens.

For perspective, here is a shot of the other end of the bedroom.


The cost of the comforter, shams, dust ruffle & deco cushion was about $130.00 which will last us 2-3 years. The scarves, roses and frames totaled about $10.00 which means I can afford to trade out the colour whenever I’m ready for a change.

How often do you do a change the bedding in your bedroom? Do you have one for summer and another for the other seasons?

Our seasons consist of Spring Umbrella  Summer  Sun  Fall  Rainbow  Summer Island with a palm tree 


BTW The Cowboy simply adores the cute little decorative pillows *sarcasm*

Today I’m grateful for rainy days, red roses & rubber bands. Tags:

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