Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Why the Blog?

During the last 7 years that we’ve lived and travelled in our motorhome we have collected thousands of photos and gathered just as many wonderful memories. This online journal has been created so that we may share our experiences and some of those memories with our families and friends.
Why now?
For quite some time I’ve been a lurker!
It’s really not as bad as it sounds. I’ve been following all of those other bloggers listed on our Home Page. They have kept me entertained for more hours than I care to admit.

They continue to amaze me and keep me in total awe of the blogs that they produce, the flair of the writings and the spectacular photos that they post.
Above all that, I am truly amazed how committed they are to publishing regular posts. They know that in order to maintain readership and keep their followers entertained they must produce interesting stories on a daily basis.
That’s one of the main reasons that I’ve procrastinated so long with getting this blog started – I’m totally intimidated. Thinking to myself “I can’t write or express myself like that” or “I’m just learning about photography, these people are pro’s”. 
Well, I’m going to relate this to when I took up the game of golf. When I was first learning how to play someone told me that it doesn’t matter if you play well or not. The fact that you are trying to learn the game with all of its rules will gain you the respect of the other golfers.
I sincerely feel that holds true for any challenge we take on in life.
I digress . . . and I do that a lot.

While not promising a daily post I do hope to be able to contribute at least often enough to keep a few friends and family interested enough to follow and comment on the blogs that I do post.

We depend on WiFi hot spots as we travel so our connections are sporadic at best. That’s one of the reasons that I don’t feel comfortable making a daily commitment.
That, and quite frankly our lives are just not that entertaining.
Don’t get me wrong . . . I Love our life but there are a lot of days we just don’t do much other than relax and enjoy the journey.
Maxine 23
We hope that you will relax and enjoy the journey with us.

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