Sunday, May 1, 2011

More About Us

Or ‘The New Beginning with a Happy Ending?’
Many of you know the history of The Cowboy and The Princess. 

For those of you who don’t, here’s a brief summary:
R  & S Phono

As teenagers back in the early 60’s we dated off and on before finally splitting up and marrying two other ‘unsuspecting souls’. My short lived marriage to ‘My Beach Boy’ lasted about as long as The Cowboy’s marriage to ‘His pretty little blonde’.

However, during that time I was blessed with a beautiful blue eyed baby Cindy, while he became the proud father of a very handsome son Chris and sweet loveable daughter Tracey.
Cindy (my daughter) & Chris (his son) were actually born only 5 days apart in 1967 with Tracey following behind in 1968.
Sharon photo 4
A few years later we were reunited, eventually married each other in 1973 and became the extremely proud parents of yet another beautiful little pink bundle ‘Shy’ in 1975.
Thus the term: “His, Mine & Ours”.
Our lives were ideal, with a loving relationship we shared many of the same beliefs and goals. While raising our family we were both able to work on our careers and buy our first home in ‘76 in the quaint little village of Brownsville, Ontario, only a few miles from our birth places, Tillsonburg and Port Rowan. We maintained a large circle of friends as well as strong ties with our families.
However, due to circumstances, that, at the time were unforeseen, we amicably divorced in 1993 and went our own separate ways. There were no bitter feelings on either side and unlike most couples we still remained friends during that difficult time.The Cowboy moved to New York state, where his job had taken him and he married again.  (Yes, that’s #3 – he says he doesn’t date very well  Rolling on the floor laughing)
By this time Shy had left home so I moved to London to be closer to a now married Cindy and her growing family. Working in London at the time made this a logical move.
Leaving out a lot of details, fast forwarding to 2004 and the happy ending you’ve been waiting for – After several phone conversations regarding a family issue, one day The Cowboy stops by my place and asks “Are ya busy?” and our lives picked up right where they left off – a little wiser and a whole lot more appreciative.
When he approached me with the idea of ‘full timing’ I just looked at him and and asked “You want me to do WHAT?”
He had done his due diligence and spent a lot of time researching as well as experiencing a brief taste of living this lifestyle himself. Prior to us getting back together he had rebuilt an MCI bus and had been travelling & living in the bus while still working.
I finally gave in to his whim with one stipulation. We would try this for ONE year! If I wasn’t happy, and by now you know that it is all about ME, that we would come off the road and back to the traditional lifestyle. It would be 4 years later that I would remember even uttering those words.
Over the course of the next year we sold our condo and just about everything we owned, leaving our successful jobs, buying a motorhome and heading out to live ‘Life on the Road’.
We have no regrets whatsoever about the choices that we’ve made along the way.
We appreciate how extremely fortunate we are. We continue to count our blessings and send up a grateful prayer every day for this wonderful life we have been given.

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