Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Slicing Through the Back Nine with the Cowboy

So here we are on the back nine and the course has promised to make it interesting. As if the front nine wasn’t hard enough and after using up your strength they put in longer holes and more bunkers on the back nine.

The same holds true with Cancer treatments. You continue down the course but you notice you pay more and more attention to what hole you are playing. You start to count down the number of times you will have to drive off the tee. The number of iron shots you will need to keep right on track and not hit into the rough and finally how many of those really accurate, all consuming putts will you still be required to reach way down inside yourself and “Read-it, Roll-it and Hole-it”.

I understand that I don’t need to get the Glorious Green Jacket of the Masters but I would like to think I am still on the Leader Board. They say “Life is like golf” nether can be won or lost “They can only be played”. They are both a challenge to complete with dignity and pride. A “short cut” or and “End-Run” may give you some short term successes but won’t get you long term benefit.


I have no higher regard for anyone than what I do for those that “Stood the Storm”. Looked Life (Cancer Included) in the eye and NEVER BLINKED. They aren’t the young or the old. They aren’t the weak or the strong. They aren’t the men or the women, the tall or the short they are just the quality of person that you would be so proud to “Ride the River” with. That person that doesn’t seem to stand out but whenever you have needed them they seem to be just standing there. Those people in your life that if you took the time to analyze always seem to be standing in the “Giving line” and never in the “Receiving line”.


The good LORD has surrounded me with just such people and at this time in my life they will never know how much they mean to me nor how much strength they give to me. They are a huge part of who I am and do not intend to let them down by backing-off now.

I got “Shanked” again on the #13 hole over the weekend. I didn’t kick my club and walk off whining. I stood my ground and made it to #14. Looks like a bad hole but we’re ready so “BRING-IT!!!!” When you get into these hard spots remember “Never Holler Whoa in a Hard Spot” and “When in Doubt let yer Horse do the Thinkin”.

Four more holes to go (1 week and a few days)(actually16 days 7 hours and well it’s all about perception . . . RIGHT?)

See Ya down the Fairway

The Cowboy, from Pistols to Putters, from Piggin strings to golf tees, from Princess to---oops better sign off or I’ll be sleepin’ in the bunker ag’in.


  1. You do have a way with words! You just keep your head down and follow through and we'll be waiting at the 19th hole to help you celebrate. Take care and hugs to you and the Princess.

  2. But, whose counting the days, hours and minutes?! That 19th is getting closer and closer.

  3. Nan is right. We'll all be waiting as you raise your club at the last hole--and we'll be cheering your victory. Well played. Kudos to your "caddy".

  4. Great post Cowboy we will see you on the 19th.

  5. Sounds like cancer just strips away all the things that don't matter anyway and leaves the soul for all to see the character and courage that was always there.

  6. Another good, insightfull read.
    I have so many fond memories of sitting with you and talking. And it's not what we talking about that I remember the most, it's how I felt walking away. You have a way of making me feel more informed, and important for being able to share these experiences.

    In these times I admire your courage and ability to share this awfull experience and turn it around ...stay positive and fight the good fight.
    I wish all the best for you two and hope for a rewarding end to this next chapter in your lives.

    It's been a heck of a ride and I still have a roll of quarters left...and we ain't stopping yet!!!
    Much luv,