Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On The Green . . . written by The Cowboy

Sunday, April 22, 2012

So here it comes. I rounded the bend and now stand on the eighteenth hole. I can see the clubhouse. You would think I should be dancing but my putter is dragging and all my power is gone. Just throw me into the sand bunker and let the squirrels cover me over.



This is the lighted mural on the ceiling in the room where the Cowboy receives his radiation treatment.




Man they out did themselves building this hole. Four more Radiation treatments to skin that would put a lobster to shame. Phlegm so thick it could nest bullfrogs and with the energy level of a three month old.


Well bring it on! I know I can’t swing my driver anymore or any of my big clubs but I can still whack the ball with my pitching wedge and if it takes me 30 strokes we are going through this hole. As they say In Golf as in Life you can’t win or lose you can only play the game. There won’t be a great hurrah with a party as I couldn’t celebrate if I had too, but you have to know that little man that stands inside me will be jumping for joy that we can now start the mending process and make some plans to be back with the family we love.


To any of you that may be thinking of taking up the game, I suggest you stay well away from this course.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What, what happened? I am on the green. We met with Dr. P today and I checked out fine. He said everything looked really good and he was very pleased. He normally would want a follow-up visit in 6 weeks but unless I feel a need to see him, he will see me in 3 months for my first follow up. I’m good with that so tomorrow is “Move Day” we are heading North 60 miles to an RV park we have stayed at before and let Mother Nature begin to erase this memory from my soul. I may even find a nice shade tree to sit under and polish my clubs.


This ain’t my first rodeo but I never want to draw this card again. It is because all the great folks we have had pullin’ for us that we have made it. You can count your money as often as you like but believe me it means nothing like an encouraging word or smile or virtual hug from those that care. Now that is real wealth.

Thank You Good LORD and I will see you down the road.

Just a final note: We sincerely hope that the pictures were not too graphic and did not offend anyone. We are hoping that the photos will take help ease that fear of the unknown for anyone following us on this journey.


  1. Once again I must say how much I admire the courage and grace you and Sharon have displayed under "fire". You truly are an inspiration. It is brave of you to share your journey with all of us. Wishing you all the best in the weeks to come. God Bless.

  2. We are praying for a time of rest and renewal for you!
    Sending love and strength

  3. Breathing a sigh of relief and wiping a tear away. I must say my friend, that I hear your weakened state but know the fighter who lies inside of you. Time will heal your body and your spirit, and your homeward journey begins 1 mile at a time. No rush, slow and steady...stop and smell the roses again, sit back and enjoy a sunrise and a sunset. I know someone who will bring you a coffee and her burden will be more evident by her smile!
    Luv ya Ron...the hugs can wait, but trust me you are first on my list.
    Sharon, know that it my heart I never stopped hugging you. Chin up my sister, you done me proud!

  4. Guess you can't keep a good cowboy down..Good Luck and get better soon.

  5. Well, Cowboy, you may be too tired to celebrate at the moment, but we're out here celebrating for you and Sharon. Glad you're moving--I'm sure a change of scenery will mean more healing--good medicine. So glad to hear that you've gotten to this point and isn't it great that with your "story" you may have made one person--even one would be great though there may be more--less afraid. Your journal through cancer has been an inspiration. You and Sharon are heroes, in my eyes. Congratulations and thank you.

  6. My hope and prayer is that someday in the not too distant future, we get to meet up with you guys and thank you in person for sharing this journey with us. And even though we are celebrating for you today, we will celebrate even more at that time when both you and Jim and ready to swing that club or catch those fish.