Tuesday, April 3, 2012

For the Love of the Blog

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 9:30 PM – Just wanted to insert a quick note: The Cowboy said that this has been one of his better days – physically and mentally. His throat is not sore and he feels great! He’s eaten really well all day, in fact we went out for dinner at Golden Corral and he had 3 good servings of salad, entrée and dessert. Since we got home he has eaten popsicles, popcorn, pears and a fruit cup. We’re making plans to play golf after his appointments tomorrow. Thumbs up

We’ll now return to our regularly scheduled posting:

From here on in the 8:40 AM daily radiation time slot at MD Anderson has been reserved for The Cowboy and that’s where we started out this morning (Monday).

Next up at 9:30 was Project Prepare with this soft spoken lady.



Cathleen equipped us with a binder on our first visit with her about 3 weeks ago.

Each week she adds more info to that binder that includes lots of helpful resources.


She has such an easy going manner that it’s relaxing just to sit and talk to her. She offers support in many different areas and addresses any questions or concerns either of us have.

Each week she keeps us informed as to what to expect during The Cowboy’s specific week of treatment. One of the items that we really enjoy is the weekly newsletter written by former and sometimes current patients. They offer up recipes or bits of advice on solutions to concerns we may be experiencing at each different level.

I took the advice of some of our commenters and after formatting Friday’s post (The Front Nine) into Word, gave her a copy. She was thrilled and begged us to leave it with her. If it only ever benefits one person we will be extremely happy.

We slipped home, had lunch and headed back for our 2:30 with a follow up in Speech Therapy with Kelley:


Now about those throat and swallowing exercises Mr. Cowboy!

Not sure who is scolding who here or for that matter who is listening?

Click here to link into Kelley's very successful blog. ‘Kelley’s Break Room’ focuses on humor and parenting. She is an extremely talented writer.

On Saturday we took a drive to a small town west of here to find a Wal-Mart – needed to re-stock the banana popsicles. Usually, Wal-Mart's are easy to find but for whatever reason there aren’t that many of them in this area.

Anyway, during our travels we found a ‘Goodwill Select’ store and decided to check it out.

Well, I have been looking for some snack size plates for a while and I came across a set of 12 square glass salad plates that I found kind of interesting with their leafy pattern.


While I certainly didn’t need 12 – if I’m feeding a group of 5 or more my family and friends know that their food will be lovingly served on my very best ‘Chinet’.

Glass is certainly not practical in the motorhome but for the price of $5.99 for 12 (50 cents each) so what if one got broke – no big deal. After all I’ve wasted more than $6.00 on other foolish purchases. Many times. Eye rolling smile

Quite pleased with my little purchase we headed home. It wasn’t until later that evening when I unwrapped my treasure and noticed that most of the plates still had stickers on them. ‘Rock Sharpe Crystal’. They didn’t feel like a fine crystal but more of an acrylic type glass. Curiosity got the best of me and my googling led me to EBay where I found they were made by Libbey back in the 1930’s. There were 2 different sellers offering one very similar single plate for $18.50 and another with a set of 4 for $49.00!


Well, it’s okay to ask what ever price you want but what have these plates actually sold for? A little further digging resulted in actual sales of between $8 and $9 per plate ! I’m good with that.

At this point I couldn’t decide if we should use them or if I should sell them on EBay for a sweet little profit . . . if you look at Cowboy’s breakfast in yesterday’s post you’ll see which route we chose.

Now, imagine what they would be worth if I hadn’t been so intent on washing and shining these babies up and removing all of those old stickers – so that I could take pictures for this blog ! Sad smile

Thanks for stopping by, your love and support and again for all those wonderful prayers going up.


  1. I added Kelly's blog to my list. I Love your new desert/luncheon plates!!!

  2. So glad Cowboy is doing so well. Love those banana popsicles. And a great find in your plates.

  3. You know, with what John is going through and what the Cowboy is going through, life comes into perspective. There are times that I think that John and I are the only ones suffering through physical distress. Then I see your blog and remember there is more out there than us. I am so pleased the the Cowboy is making progress. He must keep it up!

  4. So glad the Cowboy had a good day. And I'm glad you kept the plates...they're fun to look at and they bring you joy and that is priceless! Keep on keepin' on...we're all pulling for you both. God Bless.

  5. Sharon, I couldn't be happier for you and Cowboy. I'm so glad you decided to share his beautiful writing for others to gain strength and be encouraged by his courage. Happier Days are on their way! I would bet you've never taken a moment for granted, but sometimes through crisis, people grow stronger and closer and appreciate life more--I think that's especially true of RVers who appreciate life to begin with. I am so happy for you both.

  6. Hi from George and Mary. Just found out how to post a note! Been following your posts, glad everything is comming along well. Looking forward to golfing and of course fishing this year.