Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Another Great Weekly Check Up

Wednesday is our weekly visit with Dr. P along with his clinical nurse, our nutritionist, and a wonderful chatty volunteer that checks The Cowboy’s vitals. Today was another successful visit – Blood pressure which normally runs a little high was 150/80, hydration levels were good and a small weight loss of about 5 pounds overall. The nutritionist’s goal was set at a loss of no more than 2% of The Cowboy’s original weight so he’s just under that.


Dr. P performed a scope and was very pleased that he could see a reduction in the size of the cancer although he explained (last week as well) that he can’t get an exact reading until after all the treatments have been completed and an ample time spent healing.

He’s suggested a follow up in 6-8 weeks (after the last treatment)as long as everything else is normal. He’s very confident that all else will be normal judging by the way things are progressing.


Many of you have asked when we will be back in Ontario and right now it’s pretty hard to say. It will depend on so many things, the first and foremost is how The Cowboy is feeling and if he’s going to feel up to driving. Quite frankly, I think the big issue will be me holding him back.

We are planning on leaving after his last treatment on Thursday, April 26th with a short trip of about 50 miles to Castaways RV Park, one of our ROD membership parks. We will plan a stay of 4-5 days there until we see if the pattern of the chemo stays on track over that weekend. We will then decide if we need to stay longer for him to recuperate or we can leave earlier if he’s up to it.


He’s planned our route back and it’s looking like it will take about 5 traveling days with about 300 miles a day. Again, that can be adjusted to more – or less miles, according to how he feels.


Our family members have been so supportive offering help in many different ways. The Cowboy’s brothers Blaine & Buck have offered to fly down and drive the motorhome back for us. This offer was instigated by the boys’ father and we so appreciate and love you all for your offers.


Another little gem that we have in our back pocket – MASA Medical Air Services Association is an emergency transportation company. One of the many benefits of belonging to this organization is that in an emergency they will fly both of us back to Canada and also have our rig delivered back there too. This membership is so worth the peace of mind – not just for us but especially for our families.

We have two more followers that we would like to extend a Big Welcome to – I couldn’t find any info but Judie Seeders has joined us on our journey along with Merikay. Merikay and Craig are planning on some summer outings in between getting their house ready for the market and preparing to join the ranks of the full-timers. Check out their blog at Merikays Dream has 6 Wheels.

Thank You to all of our followers. We appreciate all of you and you have no idea how much your comments inspire and encourage us. God Bless You All!


  1. Hello and thanks for the mention of my blog. I'm reading a few of your back posts to try to get to know you a bit.

    1. Hi Merikay - I am doing the same . . . enjoying reading your blog. I think I have seen you over on Escapees forums? I am just a lurker but there is so much good information there. I spend way too much time reading blogs, forums and other sites. Again, thanks for follwoing.


  2. Glad to hear Cowboy had a good checkup. I'm sure you are both a bit homesick by now. At least you have some options for getting home so don't push yourselves too hard. Won't be much longer. Take care and God Bless.

    1. Thanks Donna - Your name is a common household name around here . . . "Did you see what DonnaK or Russ wrote, said, replied, posted?" and on and on.

      Big Hugs to you guys!

      Sharon and Ron

  3. Love that graphic of the cowboy on the horse with a laptop! You do find the neatest stuff. Sure glad to hear that he's doing so well, and it's great to be plotting a course toward Ontario. Hit the road easy, and travel well. Take good care of each other. May your Guardian Angels gang up on you and keep you safe!

    1. Thanks Russ. Good to see you made it through your birthday celebrations.

  4. We all are glad to hear this news and how things are progressing.
    My only concern now, is like others have expressed...finish the treatments and get ready to leave, when you feel the strength to do so. The day will arrive soon enough and we will all celebrate your return.
    I wish I could do something but understand the reality of the situation.
    Luv and Hugs all round,
    Though the miles are far, the feelings have never been stronger.