Monday, April 23, 2012

Our Day Will Come

First up this morning was radiation – only 3 more to go! Then we drove over to the Department of Behavioral Science at the Mays Clinic for our last visit with Cathleen at Project Prepare. She loaded us up with lots of information on what to expect for the next few weeks. We volunteered for this study, it wasn’t mandatory, but we are sure happy with all of the valuable information that she has passed on to us. We’ve met with her each Monday since we arrived here on February 27th and they sent us a $25 WalMart Gift Card. Thank You Cathleen for all of your counsel, encouragement and your sweet disposition!



You can see in the photo The Cowboy’s neck is red and burned from the radiation that targets his neck.




After our hugs and good byes we took the shuttle back over to the main building for lab work. Then we headed home since our next appointment wasn’t until 3:00 pm.

We met with Dr. S, our chemo oncologist. Neither he or his assistant didn’t have any surprises for us although the lab work from this morning showed the white cell count was too low yet so the scheduled chemo for tomorrow was cancelled. There is too much risk of infections with the count so low but it’s not so low that they feel any further steps need to be taken. It’s all very normal at this stage of the treatment. They sent us on our way and we will see them when we return for follow up in about 8 weeks.  The chemo and the radiation will still be working even after the last sessions so until everything has healed properly they won’t have any news.


There are signs of Spring even down here in the 80+ degree weather.


The Cowboy is still sleeping a lot and has no appetite whatsoever. He’s continuing to drink lots of fluids. His weight now shows a total loss of 11 pounds.




He remains positive and his attitude just keeps getting better with the end in sight now.

Doesn’t he just look thrilled?




Here’s another happy bell ringer:


Our turn is coming – only 3 more days!

Thanks for joining us and again for all of your wonderful comments and messages. I’ve copied and pasted them into a Word file so when we need a bit of encouragement we can go back and be reminded of all your encouraging words, thoughts and prayers. For that we Thank You!

God Bless All of You!


  1. Love you guys. Can't wait to hear that bell ringing all the way up here in Lockport! Don't forget! <3

  2. Oh, boy, I'm getting so excited. Do you have a phone or camera so you can video the ringing of the bell? Or maybe just record the sound! It's been a long road, but you've traveled it with grace and dignity. You've made people less afraid through your blog. How great is that. Keep us posted. Cowboy looks great by the way.

  3. We are soooo looking forward to hearing that bell ring.

  4. I do hope you are able to video the bell ringing. You two are such an inspiration to others who might someday face a similar situation. God Bless and keep you in His care.

  5. I remember the sound of my bell ringing quite well.

  6. I've always made a total effort, even when the odds seemed entirely against me. I never quit trying; I never felt that I didn’t have a chance to win.
    (Arnold Palmer)

  7. That's what I need to do! Copy all those comments. Thanks for that great idea. And for all the encouragement and prayers. I can hardly wait for the bell to ring for you guys. Make sure you ring it loud and long for all of us.