Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Computer Is Not Broken

Well, it started out a normal kind of day with radiation scheduled at 8:40 AM. Turns out their equipment was not working and each piece of equipment and each radiation department (and there are several) are each designed and set up to treat specific types of cancers in as many different locations on the body.

So after about a half hour wait we were given a couple of options. One was to come back at 11:40 AM or to go across to the Mays Clinic. We chose the former as we had another appointment back there at 1:00 PM with Dr. P.

We arrived early for the 1:00 PM but there are always lots of other patients to chat with. In fact we ran into Rocky and Cindy there and got caught up with them.

Now that we are rounding the home stretch of this crazy race instead of sharing some of the side effects that The Cowboy HAS experienced, I thought it would be a good time to count our blessings and share with you some of the undesirable side effects most people fear but, in our case, didn’t happen. Keeping in mind that we are all individuals and different medications will have different effects on each of us. We can only share our own experiences.


Relaxation has played a major role in coping with any and all side effects. The Cowboy prefers to sit outside in the shade and relax with a book and his lunch or just sitting and enjoying nature.


To date he has only experienced slight nausea and he’s been able to control that with some common sense practices. Eating and drinking slowly and several small meals throughout the day as opposed to two or three larger meals. Room temperature foods are more favorable plus chewing well is easier for digestion. Diet Ginger Ale was another recommendation that has proven really helpful.


“Glad to hear you won't be losing your hair Daddy! I'm just as attached to it as you are!”

(This was recently posted on Facebook by our daughter who is now 37 – sorry Shy)


The loss of hearing was another thing that they warned us about but I haven’t been able to successfully monitor that one as he suffers from what I call ‘selective hearing’. It’s a guy problem. Winking smile

I have had to make some sacrifices myself in order to make his life as comfortable as I can. I mentioned that he sleeps a lot so while he’s resting I try and be as quiet as I can. And most of you know that with living in a 38’ motorhome that is no easy feat.

So I refrain from rattling around and washing dirty dishes.

I certainly can’t even think about dusting or vacuuming or washing floors.

Even if I wanted to I couldn’t organize my cluttered cabinets and messy drawers.

Or do laundry.

Or clean windows. . .


  1. I will never be remembered for my good housekeeping!

  2. I could just echo what Merikay said!

    So glad you guys are on the home stretch. I am continually inspired by your great attitudes. God Bless.

  3. Each blog brings a tear and a smile.

    Thanks caring and sharing.
    Thanks for being my sister.
    Thanks to Ron for being the "big" brother I always needed.
    Thanks to both of you for staying positive and fighting the good fight.

    Thanks for adding the humour were possible.
    Thanks for helping others on this journey.

    One step at a time, one battle at a time and the reality to understand the bigger picture of this all.

  4. That was such an important and informative post, Sharon. I think you're going to a huge collective cheer when you're finished with treatment. Great that you stay so positive, and kick in a sense of humor to boot!