Thursday, December 1, 2011

Will blog for Followers

A big WELCOME and THANK YOU to our new followers!

We all love to see comments on our blog and receive your wonderful messages but the biggest reward is gaining new followers. This post is to show our appreciation for the readers that have decided to follow us. Right now it’s a small number to most of you but to us it is as HUGE as your hearts!

Please take a moment and check out these blogs. You’ll find lots of interesting & funny stories along with some great photos.

Just move your mouse over the blue text, click and it will take you directly to their sites.

Jessica and Harry have recently joined us. You can check out their blog  named Planning for RV days with Jessica and Harry and that is exactly what they are doing. Counting down the days, minutes and seconds as they look forward to retirement and the life style of full-time.

You’ll  find some fascinating photography at Kate and Terry’s site as well as many new updates and renovating ideas that they’ve incorporated in their RV Cholula Red.

Rick & Kathy Rousseau a Canadian couple from Tecumseh, Ontario, not far from our summer place, who have been very busy selling their house, downsizing and planning for more travels. Their blog is appropriately titled It’s about time. If you think about that for a minute. . . it is about their time but in a bigger way it is about TIME for all of us.

Travel with Mr Nimble  (that’s Jack B. Nimble) and Lizzie are on hold for now with health issues but they are making plans and looking forward to spring.

Joe and Betty have done quite a bit traveling over the years. Currently they have other family commitments keeping them closer to home but they are hopeful to get back on the road in the future for more fun adventures.

Nan over at True Confessions of a RV Lovin Fiber Artist is wondering why it takes 3 days to get over a “24” hour bug. We both agree that it’s not an age thing.

Mark & Chris at Phaeton Place are another Canadian couple who, like us, are from Southwestern Ontario and who, like us, have a Phaeton and who, like us, have found a summer spot to return home to this spring. (I know that’s a run-on sentence but I’m choosing to ignore it) They are enjoying and spending their winter in Florida.

Ron, the old geezer is our latest follower but he probably has the largest following. Head on over to his site. His latest post share some interesting facts on blogging.

Another follower “Tango” – if you’re out there reading this please send me your blog. I couldn’t find a link. Maybe I’m not as computer savvy as I thought.

If you missed it you can read about our other followers in a previous post.

Just click HERE.

Again, a BIG THANKS to all of our followers and keep up with the great work on your sites.

If it weren’t for all of you I would have no excuses and would have to do the laundry, clean the motorhome or get a life, for that matter.Surprised smile


  1. Thanks for the shout out Miss Lazee. I am confused by the difference in "subscribing" and becoming a friend. It seems to be different with each type of blog.

    I enjoy reading everyone's adventures whether traveling or at home. We all have down times, but much information can be gleaned just from knowing all of you online. BTW, I couldn't get on Kate and Terry's site.

    Be well. Stay happy.

  2. I was amazed when I got my first follower on my blog. I was just writing for myself and my family. Now I have lots of extended "family" I write for blogging family. Pretty nice people out there.

  3. Just found your Blog, I think i will enjoy reading it and keeping up with your travels.

  4. Hobopals - Thanks for commenting and it is easy to be confused about the differences. I am still learning too. I will check out my links for Kate and Terry. Thanks for stopping by.

    Donna K - You amaze me how you always find time to leave such wonderful comments, even when you are traveling. You set a great example. Thank You for your kind words and I am enjoying your posts.

    Carolyn & Gerald - Thanks for joining us. We will be adding your blog to our list as well.