Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh, What a tangled cord we weave . . .

What with all these chargers for cell phones, camera batteries, e-readers and Ipods plus printers and flash drives and the list goes on. I came across a couple of inexpensive solutions that I wanted to share.

Realizing that there are a lot of gizmos out there readily available as an alternative I thought this was a great idea – not just for RV’ers but for anyone.


Lightweight, convenient and probably most of you already have some of these bulldog clips on hand.

Cord Storage 2

The Cowboy has a couple of these durable and lightweight gadgets that he uses for the outside extension cords.

(I asked him for a ‘cowboyism’ to describe how much he likes these but his suggestions are just not printable.  Embarrassed smile Sorry.)

He picked them up at an FMCA rally but I’m sure they’re available in a lot of other places.

Then, for those of you who drink a lot of wine (you know who you are) . . . from bottles that actually have corks and not the screw caps or the ‘Juice Boxes’ from the big box stores.

wine box

(I Love WalMart!)

Here are a couple of ideas for all those corks:

cork trivet

Altho’ it’s not a good photo you can still get the idea. I really like this one because you can make it as small or as large as you need. The corks are simply cut in half and glued to, perhaps cardboard, you can customize for even the smallest spaces. Lightweight. Perfect message board!

wine cork bulletin board


cork bulletin board

I do not receive any compensation from the Bull-dog clip company or the Cork Marketing Board.

This is just another helpful little service – ‘cuz I’m like that.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. Thanks for sharing those good ideas.

  2. Those are some good ideas. I love the one with the toilet paper roll as a place to store the cords.

    Kevin and Ruth