Friday, December 2, 2011

Canoeing, Golfing & Bowling all in one day

We were invited along to help Elaine celebrate her birthday yesterday. So guess what we did. We went out to eat! This time it was at Red Lobster:



You can read more about Dwight & Elaine here Down on the Farm or here Honkytonk Badonkadonk.



P1170384 P1170385

Les & Jean joined us. The food and service were both exceptional. The price was even better since Elaine clips restaurant coupons and was able to take $12.00 off our total bills!



Well, a few more calories can’t be all that bad.

Ah Ha! We see you have 5 extra spoons with that . . .

Sure, we’ll help you out – that’s what friends are for. Laughing out loud

After we had all eaten much more than we needed we headed back to our place for cake and coffee.

P1170381 P1170382

Angel Food served up with Lemon Dream Whip frosting. (I Love my convection oven!)

We all decided we need to wear off some of those calories so we opted to go canoeing:


We let the guys lead the way . . .


It was pretty scary at times.


Even for the spectators:


Oh! Did I mention it was a Wii game?


We all tried our hand at bowling too before we went golfing.










We had a great day! Lots of great food and fun with Great Friends!

So, in closing I would like to share this argument discussion The Cowboy and I had previously about deciding what to give Elaine for her birthday:

Cowboy: How about a good book, she likes to read?

Princess: Well, we both know what she likes to read but we don’t know which books she has. Besides, living in a motorhome, space is an issue. We know she likes plants but remember the hassle at the border with the last plant we gave her? How about a gift card?

Cowboy: Nah, that’s like saying “Here! I don’t know anything about you so go and buy your own gift  ‘cuz we’re too lazy!”

Princess: But with a gift card she can buy what she wants or needs and not something that WE think she wants!

What do you think? Do you like to give . . . or receive . . . gift cards?

Conclusion: We did give her a couple of small token gifts AND a gift card from Tar Jay (that’s Target) and she was thrilled with both! Tags: ,


  1. Sounds like a fun day, the food looks yummy. You can never go wrong with a gift card from Target

  2. Thanks Toyin for the comment and although I am not competitive by nature the score would be Princess 1 and Cowboy 0. :)