Friday, December 9, 2011

The Gay Couple

Some of you have asked where in the world we are and did we arrive at our destination yet?

While this started out as a travel and photo journal it has morphed into a blog that provides a complete range of services. It does contain some of our travel adventures but it also includes tips on RV renovations, eating (lots of it!) along with recipes, decorating ideas, how-to’s . . . example: Quit Smoking and of course the ever famous ‘Cowboyisms’.

We tend to get sidetracked. Here. And in real life.Confused smile

We can go back to our tour of the Tiffin Plant in Red Bay, Alabama.

If you move your cursor over the blue print, you will see it underlined and you can click there to read our previous post.

The real reason for our stop there was to meet up with the Gay couple. Mike & JoAnn Gay that is.


Mike & JoAnn also belong to the team of Masa’s Membership Services and we first met them last year down here in the Rio Grande Valley. We have kept in touch and planned a get together on our trips south.

They are originally from this area and in the spring and fall they put on several  MASA information sessions at Red Bay for the Tiffin motorhome owners. This year they had one scheduled for the first part of November (a great turn out!) 

We shared a couple of meals together and really enjoyed our time visiting with them. They headed west to Arizona where they will spend the winter but before we parted ways we made a promise to get together again in the spring.

DSC_0009 DSC_0007

From there we travelled south on The Natchez Trace Parkway.

However, the view went from this:


To this:


And finally this:


First Palm Tree Sighting:


The last leg of our journey . . .


Before our exit


To be greeted by this:

DSC_0434 DSC_0435

We had hardly stepped outside of the coach when one of our neighbours met us with a wonderfully grilled dish of stuffed oysters and muscles.

It is great to be back in the RGV!

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