Friday, July 15, 2011

Honkytonk Badonkadonk !

Dwight & Elaine are great friends from Orillia that we met in Kenwood RV Park in La Feria, Texas about 4 years ago. We’ve kept in touch, thanks to Verizon’s phone plan, and  we make sure our paths cross often. The last time we got together was last spring as we were heading north to Canada. We met up at the Horseshoe Casino in Louisville and spent a few days.

Most casino’s are RV friendly and Dwight & Elaine, like a lot of other RVers, spend a lot of free nights in their parking lots with some of the casino’s even offering hook-ups for travellers. ‘Free’ being the key word there! For the Cowboy & I it usually costs us more than paying for an overnight sight in a high end RV resort. Not that we’re big gamblers, by any means, but we usually leave behind a donation  $20  $40  100 bucks.


That’s a photo of their beautiful rig, a Holiday Rambler Ambassador and the loaded Lincoln Mark 5 on the right is their humble little tow car.

We hang out together quite a bit . . .


Shopping at Sam’s Club


Flea Markets

A little culture – waiting for a play P1160587to beginP1160590






And way too often our outings include dining out. Texas buffets are simply the best! We love Furr’s & Golden Corral.


Whenever we go to a buffet, Dwight, always the gentleman, waits at our table and watches our purses while the rest of us scratch and claw our way up to the tables piled high with a wonderful variety of food.

Dwight & Elaine also help out at our MASA presentations. We sometimes have up to 200 attendees and it’s really great having a couple pair of extra hands. We’re very grateful for their help. Plus they make it a lot more fun!


Here’s a photo of them (ahem) helping us Rolling on the floor laughing

During our last visit with them in their home town they treated us to a wonderful dinner at Casino Rama and we topped the evening off with a Trace Adkins concert.


We really enjoyed the fun, food & entertainment.

Thanks Dwight & Elaine for the wonderful visit, for all of your help in Texas and most of all for your friendship!

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