Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A trip back in time–St Jacobs Mennonite Country

On our way to visit our RVing friends Dwight & Elaine in Orillia we decided to spend a couple of days in St. Jacobs. This area is bursting with touristy attractions (read: shopping) and is well known for its Farmers Market and Outlet Mall.

We boondocked in the large restaurant parking lot right across the road from both of these landmarks. Our first night there we ate at this newly established restaurant and when I remember the name of it I will come back and edit this post. What I do remember is that the food was excellent, very large portions and the service was exceptional as well.

2011-07-13 St Jacobs

Since I took a lot of pictures today most of the photos in this post are in collages. Just to give you a glimpse of all that there is to experience at this incredible Famers Market.

You can see a larger image by clicking on the photo.

2011-07-13 St Jacobs1

Beautiful sunshine and blue skies found us at the Market a bit early; some of the vendors were still setting up their displays.

2011-07-13 St Jacobs2

All of our senses came alive in full force as we wandered inside to the amazing aromas of freshly baked breads and desserts of all kinds. All of a sudden we knew we were starving but the big decision loomed over us – what to have? The fresh cheeses and meats all looked so appetizing. We were offered free samples too – good marketing! We settled on sharing a healthy serving of perogies and cabbage rolls, found a shaded picnic table outdoors and enjoyed people watching with our delicious meal.

2011-07-13 St Jacobs3

The large indoor market offers 2 floors of food from all countries,specialty coffees and teas, crafts, collectibles, clothing, jewelry and everything in between.


The outside area boasts all kinds of local fresh vegetables, preserves, honey, more crafts plus clowns, buskers & entertainment for all ages.


I felt that these last two photos warranted their own space.


We Love Summer in Ontario! This is just one of the many great places to visit.

You owe it to yourself to make a day of it (or three).

If you have been there before - you still owe it to yourself to go back and re-visit.

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