Thursday, July 7, 2011

Making it Our Home

We were excited and had lots of ideas and changes we wanted to make to turn this into our home.

My first priority was to add some colour. Everything was beige.

living area

As much as we Canadians love our beige; it’s a well known fact that Canada has run out of beige paint. Apparently we’ve bought it all!





This clock, that we had recently purchased, came with us to our new home and helped to set the tone.



According to the records that were passed on to us we think that our MoHo had sat unused for about a year and a half. There were a few minor items that needed to be looked after. The kitchen taps were leaking around the base so The Cowboy replaced it with this burnished bronze one that matched the clock.

Before & After



Even tho’ our home has central vac one of the selling points for us was the tile floors – no carpet other than the bedroom

Our Bounder had taken on a Southwestern look but the Phaeton had a totally different feel so the ‘Leaf’ theme came into play.

These area rugs from Wally World – that’s WalMart to you non Rv’ers – had the dark copper shade that I was looking for plus many other colours to pull from. And leaves!


The rugs also designated the living spaces.


We added our coffee table. We tend to use this table for our meals more than the Corian dining table. It has 2 drop leafs, extends up to a regular table height and will seat 4 or 5 very comfortably.

In an effort to take away from the starkness we added this leafy votive holder to the mirrored backsplash in the kitchen:


Continuing on with this piece above the convection oven.


Well, you would think it should stop there. Right? Wrong!

Would you also be thinking that I should be able to find something more productive to do than take pictures and blog about our home?


Wrong again!







OCD = Obsessive/Compulsive Disorder







OLD = Obsessive Leaf Disorder


Matching tie-backs & tablecloth sewn from the same fabric we used on the loveseat.




No comment.   Don't tell anyone smile




Here are some general Before & After pics.




kitchen view


Our daughter Shy gave us that little plaque when we lived in our Bounder. It also followed us here and is placed very prominently in our new home.

Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today

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