Sunday, July 17, 2011

How to Warm a Shed

Our friends Ken & Jean recently purchased a lovely property just north of London. It boasts 5 acres of well maintained grassy areas with a recently updated large house, 2 car garage and 2 sheds – one attached to a very large barn. This is such a perfect property for them. Ken collects antiques – mainly tractors and farm toys but he has many collections consisting of old calendars, photos and all types of memorabilia as well.

Not only is the large shed perfect for housing most of these rare collections, it’s also a great place for a party! This gala celebration was disguised as a ‘Shed Warming’ but was also a good excuse to celebrate Jean’s milestone birthday. Now, far be it from me to tell you how old she is but she’s now receiving ‘Cash for Life’! Winking smile


And Yes that is a live band you see. This was a ‘No Holds Barred’ event that approximately 140 guests were there to enjoy. Tons of delicious roast beef, huge bowls of salads and several crock pots overfilled with beans, plus all the trimmin’s  was (thankfully) mostly catered.

Jean & Ken renamed file-70

No shed warming would be complete without a hayride!

Jean & Ken renamed file-137

As you can tell from the background quite a few of us took advantage of the space and came complete with our RV’s . . .


and Classic Cars


As you can tell by the pics everyone had a great time and we’ve all pretty much decided that this was the first of what will now be an annual event.

Big Thank You to Ken & Jean – the best hosts ever!

It was difficult to pick the photos for this post because as usual I snapped a lot – edited down to 278 to be exact but who’s counting? There were just so many awesome subjects. For a larger image just click on the photo or you can view them all at .

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