Saturday, November 19, 2011


This is a long overdue, big shout out and Thank You to our followers.

We love receiving your comments and emails and the wonderful feeling of camaraderie and belonging to this blogosphere.

Of course, our first follower was our ever-faithful and supportive daughter, Shy.

Shy is not only beautiful with a personality that matches that beauty but also has many talents. You can take a look at her handmade jewelry by clicking here for her website.

(I won’t apologize for being a bit biased. It is my blog! Rolling on the floor laughing)


My handsome brother Ken who will hopefully be joining us here in Texas for a vacation sometime this winter.




Our good friend Vicki who turned us on to E-Cigs. More about that in a future post.

If you want to know what she’s smiling about you can read about it here.



This section will include our new RVing friends that we hope to meet up with some day.

Jim & Sandi – Sandi is having a hard time dealing with the stresses of living life in an RV. You can read about her solutions at Where Are The Dixons Today?

Donna & Russ at Travels in Therapy allowed us the luxury of joining them through their blog on their trip through California down Hwy 101 with some awesome shots along the way.

They met up for dinner and a nice visit with Allen & Lolita who have a beautiful home and family in California and bit of time to put in while they anticipate their RV travels.

That happened just  before they landed at Desert Hot Springs Resort to be greeted by Rick & Paulette who are settling in nicely for the winter. Paulette is an avid quilter and never passes up a good sale while Rick shares all of his technical advice. You can download his very well written book which includes everything you need to know regarding computers, photos, blogging, etc. He dedicates it to RV’ers but everyone will learn something from this free book.

Mike & Ms Pat arrived back in Arizona to their beautiful home for the winter.

Kenny & Angela are counting down (literally) the days before they will become full time RV’ers. Be sure to check out Second Time Around for Kenny’s awesome hand crafted jewelry. Great gift ideas for Christmas. I wouldn’t have any problem finding room in our motor home for any of those treasures.

John & Judy Hollinger at RV Life on Wheels seem to be having a great time rockin’ around New Mexico sharing their adventures and photos.

Randy & Pam Warner are busy in the Virginia Beach area volunteering for Habitat for Humanity and cashing in on Groupon Coupons for some pretty good deals including teeing up at some of the local golf courses.

We’re still anticipating a visit sometime in the future with Jerry & Suzy to share some PB & O sandwiches.

Al & Kelly from Bayfield Ontario are very close to their destination for the winter in Arizona. You’ll find some wonderful photos on his site plus a lot of photography knowledge that he shares.

Please take some time to check out these blogs and websites. There is some amazing literary talent out there along with some incredible photography.

Just be careful – it’s addicting. So don’t plan on getting anything else done today.

Today, I am grateful for all of my followers, the messages and comments we’ve received plus the fantastic friendships being developed through this blog. Tags: ,


  1. Thanks for the shout out and for your comments on my blog. I also feel grateful for all my followers.

  2. Yup! I am your best follower, although I could be more consistent in checking your blog, I sometimes get busy following in your footsteps in life....Love you guys!