Sunday, November 27, 2011

Food for Your Body & Your Mind

There are always tons of things for Winter Texans to do down here in The Valley. Our activities usually consist of anything physical or cultural eating!

On this particular day . . .

We started out with our usual 2 hour coffee this morning before heading over to Port Isabel for their annual Shrimp Cook Off.


Each year over a ton of fresh Gulf shrimp is expertly prepared by over two dozen professional and amateur chefs who compete for top honors.


We have never seen so many different ways to enjoy shrimp.


Live entertainment, specializing in authentic versions of rock, soul, and classic hits from the 50s, 60s and 70s.


They were set up under a huge tent and there was lots of rockin’ & rollin’ goin’ on in there.

There were a lot of vendors offering a wide variety of crafts, collectibles or that elusive object d’arte that added to the day’s experience plus games and rides were available for children of all ages.

From there we headed on over to South Padre Island to take in their Kite Festival on the beach.




This was a much smaller event than the one we usually attend in early February but just as much fun.

They have competitions for individuals or for teams that provide a wonderful ballet in the air,

all with wonderful music in the background.


The weather was perfect for sitting on the beach and watching those kites soar aimlessly.



Even though we don’t belong to that crazy work-a-day world anymore we still believe that Sunday’s should be set aside for nourishing your soul. You can do this by attending a church, spending quality time with your family or curled up quietly with your favorite book.

Eating shrimp and chasing kites . . .

What a great way to spend a Sunday!

How do you replenish your spirit?

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